Freitag, 12. November 2010

Essence Metallics Nail Polishes and playing around with them

Hey there :)

Essence recently came out with magnetic polishes and there are currently 4 in their Metallics LE. The LE was released this month and some places were sold out soon (or at least the stores I visited). I am not sure if it will be released in the US, but let's hope for the best.

I feature the polishes in my giveaway where the winner of the 2nd price gets to pick one of them.

There are 5 shades in but the 5th one isn't magnetic and I already have a lot of similar colors that I already own so I didn't buy it. Here some bottle pictures:
And I held a (kitchen) magnet onto the bottle and you can see this pattern:

 And some nail tip swatches (I used the essence magnet):
As you can see the second pattern doesn't see very flattering, to me it looks more like ugly ridges on your nail. And I swatched them in the same order like the bottles above. Then I played around with some kitchen magnets (I used Steel me on all 3 nail tips).

You can see that the round magnets are more different than the flat magnet on the left.

Here are some tips that might help you with these polishes:
  • Shake the bottle before painting each nail if you really want to be sure that you'll get a pattern on your nails. I know it may cause bubbling but most of these polishes have quite a thick formula and are opaque in one coat.
  • Place the magnet really close to you nail but not too close so you'll smudge your manicure.
  • Paint each nail at the time because once the polish is dry, the magnetic effect doesn't appear.
  • Do thicker coats if the pattern doesn't appear.
  • If you have a stronger magnet, and don't know what kind of pattern it "does", hold it onto the bottle and you'll see it.
  •  For funsies, play around with different magnets, you may even have one that does a star pattern.

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