Mittwoch, 31. März 2010

old NOTD: Orly - Charged Up (chocolate&pic heavy :P)

Hey there :)

Today's post is about an old NOTD I did a while ago. The colour i'm talking about is Orly's Charged Up and reminded me of something I really love: the colour of a chocolate wrapper by the company called Milka (and take a closer look to the purple cow ;) ). In fact the pictures show two of my most favourite flavours: white chocolate and one filled with caramel creme and I figured why not skip the bottle pics and just take pictures of it with the chocolate ^^
The pictures below show 3 coats to even every bald/streaky spots out but after the application I left the bottle open overnight so I just have to paint 2 coats (I like to do that because sometimes I'm impatient ^^)

I heard that it is a dupe for China Glaze's Grape Pop or Rescue Beauty Lounge's Mismas (and I don't have both because my stash is kinda overflowing)

So here it is, Orly Charged Up:

4 Kommentare:

  1. It appears the we have the same taste... Caramel and white chocolate Milka's are my favorite. I also adore the one from Hofer (aldi?)...that has a chips of caramel in it. Yum!

  2. I've never tried the one from hofer- i also love the m-joy with caramel crunchies in it but i think they've discontinued it(haven't been chocolate-shopping for quite a while ^^)

  3. I'd never associate purple with chocolate, but looking at both of these makes my mouth water. Delish!