Samstag, 28. November 2009

Old NOTD: OPI Ink Suede

Hey there

I'm going to show you some old swatches since I'm a bit lazy. The pics show Opi Ink Suede and it has got nothing to do with their original names. I bought this one because I've seen some swatches of these with an topcoat and 'cause I'm not a bit matte-polish fan. I also have the original (Opi Ink) and and forgot to make an comparison swatch but I think those of you who own it know how hard Opi Ink is to capture it's full awesomeness (and I definitly need to get an back-up bottle of it). Oh well, enough about Opi ink- now about the Suede version of it: the application (like all opi's) was great, I love the Opi brushes. It was opaque with two coats and dried super fast. Once painted on your nails- about half a minute and it is dry. Now the not so great part about them: unfortunatly the Suedes( or matte polishes in general?!) chip really fast. Well it is written on the little lable with the elastic wraped around the handle so I don't blame Opi for not telling their customers.
Enough said/written so here are the pictures (like all purples, hard to catch the actual colour) :

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  1. Looks very pretty on you. I have to buy this. I really like the suedes.