Donnerstag, 26. November 2009

My secret Santa

Hey y'all :D

I'm so happy right now. I'm feeling like a little girl who is so happy and squirelly (can't find an good translation for the german word "hibbelig").
I was part of the Christmas Polish Blogger exchange on elfster (organized by the wonderful Nicole from Magic Maid ) Yesterday I got my package from my secret Santa, Velvet from "Bring on the Bling" (check out her great blog :) ). All the polishes she got me were on my wishlist. I can't believe it that she got them all.
You'll probably want to know what was in it. Here they are- the new polishes I'm welcoming at my (growing) stash:

f.l.t.r.: Color Club Worth the Risque, Wet'n'Wild Wild Orchid(like all purples, hard to make a pic of it), Hard candy Lava & *drumroll please* Diamond Cosmetics - Chainmail Charm. yes, Chainmail Charm- a (?possible?) dupe for Opi's (old version of) My Private Jet, which I've been longing for since I first saw some swatches months ago.
Worth the Risque/Color Club: I haven't had the chance to buy this from my "polish supplyer" (haha, there's one place that still sells them at a quite expensive prices but better than nothing?!)
W'n'W - Wild Orchid: They do sell W'n'W here but only a limited choice of colour/polishes so I was thrilled when I unwrapped it from the bubble-wrap. More later in this post.
Hard Candy polishes: The blogs that I'm always reading are mostly from the US and also another lemming of mine. Plus the ring on each bottle makes them quite unique 'cause I can't think of a brand that includes a ring in every polish bottle they sell.

a close up of the bottles and to show the awesomeness of the holo-polishes (and the ring *gg*)

Here a comparison of the european& American bottles of W'n'W:

As you can see there's a slight difference of the European& American version- both the bottle shape& how much polish is in each. The European one has only 10ml and the American has got 12,7ml. I have to admit that I like the American Verion of it better- the bottle shape is more "one of a kind" and not a "standard size". Plus you'll get more in the American bottle.

So I'm off to admire my newest "babies" xD

4 Kommentare:

  1. Ah those are all nice! :D im still waiting for my package :(

  2. So glad you got your package. I've read that their were some who did'nt get anything. That's awful but happy you got yours. Velvet is a sweetheart. Enjoy your polishes.

  3. @ rijah: too bad- well sometimes it's really worth all the wainting :)

    @ Lucy:
    I heard that too, I fee, sorry for them, hope they get their package soon..