Montag, 9. November 2009

latest Haul

Hey there!

Today's post is about my latest haul. I also found one of four H&M Holo-polishes and the ones that carries them only sells them one at the time and not all at one time( I first saw the pink one, now the golden one, I hope, I can get the others). I also bought two Hello Kitty polishes because of their really cute bottles and the black one is really opaque which I never would have expected( I just swatched it on a piece of paper).
Do you still remember this post last month? Where I wrote a preview about some holo-polishes? Well, the Limited Edition's released now and I was really dissapointed in these because they( the polishes) just have a dull shimmer in it and aren't holographic. Photoshop was really a great friend of them :(
I just bought the silver polish of this collection(no. 290).
And last but not least there are three P2 polishes. P2 is an German/Austrian Brand and is sold in Germany(there in a drug store called "DM") and in one tiny store in Vienna(which is ridiculous because the polishes are produced in Wiener Neudorf, Austria). The polishes are from a Limited Edition called "What a Girl Wants".
So here are the pics:

Artdeco no. 140, Hello Kitty by H&M in Really Black, Artdeco 290

Hello Kitty by H&M in Wicked Purple, H&M in Moonless Night, H&M Creme de la creme

And here a comparison of Creme de la creme(CDLC) & China Glaze's Gr8

I couldn't capture the Holo-effect because the sun was hiding and the weather is quite terrible at the moment( and still is).
As you can see in the pictures, Gr8 is a more yellow-sand based tone, where CDLC is more a light-brown Holo.

I was lazy to write the names down so I took this picture :D

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  1. Great picks!

    So that you know, I changed the url to my blog (Naive Nails) and it messed up and didn't update anyone for posts or blogrolls. The new url is :)

  2. Ja, Mariahilferstraße am WE (und dann auch noch "kurz" vor Weihnachten) ist echt ein Horror...

    Sag bei welchem H&M hast du den Holo Lack gekauft? Ich find die bei unseren H&Ms nicht. Und ich wusste gar nicht, dass es schon die P2 LE gibt. *freu* Letzte Woche gab's die noch nicht. Die zwei rechten Farben entsprechen genau meinem Geschmack.

  3. Den Holo-LAck gibts bei dem am Graben und bei dem H&M mit der schwarzen decke(sah finde ich früher besser aus)- der in der Nähe beim Museumsquartier

  4. Those are adorable polish bottles. I'd like to see them swatched soon.

  5. Danke... dann werde ich mal morgen zu dem am Graben schauen. Lustig, denn der ist eigentlich der näheste (ca. 5-10 Gehminuten) und trotzdem schaue ich bei dem NIE rein. ;-)