Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

Glam Nails Larissa(Nfu.oh 51 dupe) nail wheel swatches

Hey there

Edit: Mon coin à moua did a comparison post of Larissa and #51, click here.

You may have read my post about my Nfu.oh #51 dupe (here or on makeupalley). The polish is from an European brand called "Glam Nails" and this one's called Larissa (they also have an awesome Holo which I'm going to post the next time). Glam Nails can be purchased in the (german) Drugstore-chain called "Müller" and the polishes are 1.59€ each, bot bad. I found the polish in a little vase near other limited edition displays who don't have place in their actuall "company displays". So my fellow Europeans who have a Müller nearby- check the little vase out because you might find this little treasure ;)
Now finally I've got some nailwheel swatches for you- it looks so much better in person, wish you all could see it!
(It is layered over Rimmel's Blue me away)
 Legen- Wait for it....(been watching too much How I met your Mother ;) )
Wait for it.......

6 Kommentare:

  1. rmcandlelight:
    thank you, that's my layering/too sheer to be worn alone nail wheel :D

  2. Too bad that our Müller doesn't have this brand...

  3. bummer- the polishes were pretty hidden and maybe you'll see them the next time at your müller?

  4. I discovered this shade too today and I instantly fell in love.
    Thanks for sharing and pointing out that this is actually a dupe of one of the famous nfu oh's !
    A tip for everyone who is looking for that brand at the Müller: you might wanna ask the shopladies, because in our müller it is really really hidden, you have to bend down and look on the lowest shelf in the whole shop!