Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2010

I've got the blues....

Hey there :)

Today's post is about (some) of the blue varnishes I've got in my stash. It is a -somehow- comparison post because some are dupes or dupe-ish.
The polishes I used for my comparison are:
  • OPI - Yoga-ta to get this Blue
  • Artdeco - No. 44
  • Hard Candy - Mr. Right and
  • Catrice - It Blue my Mind
About the application: I didn't had any problems with the application of those. I liked the brush of the Catrice and OPI one best because they were wider.
The opacity: Only the Artdeco and Mr. Right needed a second coat- the rest were one-coaters(even though I can see a visible nail line in some parts of my pointer(painted with opi).
You can see in the pics that Mr. Right is the darkest amongst them; OPI,Artdeco and Catrice are quite dupe-ish and I think the next time I need to try it with 2 coats of the opi one. Catrice was only a tad lighter.

Now, onto some bottle Pics:
above: without flash, natural (indirect) sunlight
below: with flash; I love the Hard Candy ring!
I couldn't resist puting on the Hard Candy ring, sadly it only fitted my pinkie ^^ (I'm a size 8 kinda- girl ;) )

6 Kommentare:

  1. Love the blues...I just picked up Hard Candy's Mr. Right :)

  2. I love blues! These colors are great, I'm working on a blue post as well, and I have a ton of dupe-ish colors! LOL!

  3. Which one if these do you recommend the most?

  4. rmcandlelight& Jackie:
    thank you :D

    Biba: I'd say Catrice because it was probably the cheapest, the second one I'd definitly would pick would be Mr. Right :)