Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2010

In honor of the "great" weather here: Gunmetal/black with silver shimmer comparisons

Hey there :)

The weather here was really crappy- windy, raining in the evening and cold as it'll be winter. *grr*
I did these swatches a while ago when  the weather was better than it is now and I had nubbins. The polishes I used are:
  • Nubar Dark Castle (one awesome coat)
  • Zoya Raven (2 coats)
  • H&M Moonless Night (also two coats)
  • Alessandro No.279 (Be a Star LE, 2 coats)
  • Artdeco* No. 133 (2 coats)
* Artdeco is a German cosmetics brand. 
I applied them in the same order as I wrote above-I didn't had any problems with either of these polishes- neither with their consistency nor the brushes. But I have to admit I love the brushes from Nubar and Artdeco the most- great handle and a wider brush which is soft but not too soft that you get too much laquer on the surounding skin.
Here are some previous swatches of Dark Castle if you missed them.
The color: Raven is the darkest with the slightest shimmer of all of them, next would probably Artdeco, Nubar and H&M. The Alessandro one was the lightest and more a dark silver than a black with shimmer/gunmetal. They only had the silver shimmer and I have to say: I love them, I can't get enough of them and still keep buying them ^^.
Bottlepics :D

(please excuse the pre-cleanup pics, it was just a quick swatch session)

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  1. Yay, ode to great weather. LOL H&M Moonless Night looks great!

  2. ^^ I needed to write it- the weather makes me so tired and dull so I thought this was the perfect post for it ^^

  3. Great post! Thank you for this :)

  4. Oh, jah - I like Moonless Night. Weather really sucks lately.

  5. The more Nubar swatches I see, the more I feel myself weakening. I don't have any in my stash--yet.

  6. karen: you should definitly buy some when they have their next sale :)