Montag, 10. Januar 2011

Two LE displays and a little haul

Hey there :)

I found those two displays recently before New Years Eve but didn't got around posting it. Essence's Blaock and White Limited Edition is all about black and white. The things didn't wow me that much and I doubted that the high-anticipated "holo-topcoat" was really one . And it really wasn't a holo-topcoat, more of a layering duo-chrome.
 Next up is Catrice's Urban Baroque Limited Edition. The colors didn't wow me so I didn't  buy anything. I was tempted to buy the Illuminating powder but only buying it because of the packaging isn't that good.

And a little haul- I found some of the new Essence Image Plates (which will replace the old ones). One individual one and one which was in the stampy set. Oh and a Minnie-Mouse polish (I would love if they'd do some with Daisy or Donald Duck because I love them) There was pink/nude-ish color too but my stash storage is about to explode so I only bought the red one.

 And a close-up of the image plates:

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