Montag, 21. Februar 2011

Cracked Steel Me

You might remember this post, where I've swatched (almost) the whole collection on nail tips. Steel Me was the one which appealed to me most so I finally painted it on my nails. I used the alessandro magnet to "make" the pattern but it didn't turn out very well, probably because my nails are quite curved. Another thing is that I was underwhelmed (probably because of the almost non-excisting patterns).
I painted an accent nail with L'oreals Star Magnet in Magnetic Prune- I used one coat each and because I didn't like it as much as I tought I would, I decided to take out Isadora's Spraycan Blue, the blue crackle polish.

and here it is with a thick coat of Spraycan Blue
and the glossy version with a topcoat

Some of you might've noticed it, but I've made a facebook page but always forgot to mention it here-
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