Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2009

A swap and a little haul

I actually got this little package a few days ago( nov. 30th) but I hadn't had the time to make some pictures& upload them so I do that now. The swap was with Sasha from Nihrinda's Blog( click here for her great blog) because she couldn't get a particular polish& a kajal from an Limited Edition of Essence (an European Brand). So I contacted her and we arranged this swap. I sent out first and you can see here. And here are the things that I got from her:

Nfu.Oh No. 50,Extras: Nailtek II and a Clinique pore minimizer sample.
My first Nfu.Oh- I've been lemming these polishes for quite a while now and she agreed to swap it. I still can't believe it- the bottle itself is really unique and the cap- the beautiful bottle-cap. And there's also Nailtek II- I've heard quite a few positive things about it and definitly will use it when I've finished my "old" Base coat. Last but not least- the Clinique pore minimizer: I've never had/bought something from Clinique because it's quite expensive and I tend to use cheaper (drugstore) things when it comes to face-cream, facial wash, etc...

Now to my little haul:

I sometimes go to Claire's and see what they've got (earrings and polishes). This time these two polishes caught my eye and I know I had to have them- polishes with integraded nail art stars! There are also other shapes (i think those are hearts, not sure about that) but those two shades& stars were my favourite. I think there were 2-3 other colours, one of them was a light-grape colour and another a flashy pink.
Here are the pictures of the two I bought:

You can even see the price tag I forgot to take off ^^
The white one is actually quite a white cream colour and has got a light silvery shimmer in it.

A close-up of the little nail art stars

Here's the other part of my little haul: The IQ polishes are a drugstore brand. I suppose the purple one was sold earlier this year (i think it might be during the summer) because I couldn't find them in the usual display. What you can't see in the photo is that it has got tiny tiny mulit-coloured glitter/shimmer in it. The other IQ polish is ( i assume) a new realease. It is a black with turquoise shimmer- might be a possible dupe of Bourjois No. 24 or W'n'W Dream Black Metallic which I posted a comparison NOTD here. And as you probably have seen the last, rosè one is a Dior varnish. It's Rose Boreale from the (newest?) Limited Edition and first saw a great (layered) swatch on Nora's nails from Nail of the Week.

f.l.t.r.: IQ Cosmetics Nr. 23 Black Burst, IQ Cosmetics No. 16 Violet and Dior Vernis in Rose Boreal.

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