Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2009

Zoya Ibiza vs. Artdeco No. 44

Long time no post- I know....
It's just the last weeks that I've been quite busy and I can't stop working or learning because I've got an test-marathon next week and after that I'm going on vacation for about 3 weeks.

As you probably see on today's topic I'm comparing these two colours. It seemed like dupes in the bottle but Ibiza is darker. The application on both polishes were nice and I didn't had much problems (just my not so good-application). The pictures show 2 coats each, no Top-Coat.
a bottle comaprison:

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  1. ARGH oh man I've been lemming some artdeco polishes but I live in the US where there aren't any :[

    love the colors here!