Dienstag, 5. April 2011

Some recent displays

*I saw/took the pictures at the Müller-drugstore, the only which wasn't taken there was the one by s-he stylezone. It was taken at DM*

While I went on my lookout for new displays, I sutmbled across a new one by Artdeco. Artdeco is famous for its eyeshadow base here and I think I heard that it's sold at Sephora in the US (I could be wrong, so better don't quote me on that ;) ).
Their (annual? not sure) summer LE, called Aqua Glow Bronzing Collection. It has 6 polishes - 5 "meh" colors but one caught my eye- a duochrome. I just saw some swatches of it and the blogger was a bit dissapointed of it, so I'm glad I didn't buy it because it's rather expensive (9€= ~13us$). Anyway, here's the display

and two pictures of the duochrome which was hard to capture in the pictures as it isn't very strong
Next up, is a display by a brand called Misslyn. It is a brand widely sold in Germany as I never saw it here. I suspect this display is some kind of "test run" to see how well they sell and then decide if they're going to carry the line or not. The colors are kinda boring, nothing that hasn't been released before but the blue one caught my eye and I might buy it during their next sale.

And now to a rather strange display (or at least to me) with Heidi Klum as their spokesperson. I'm not a big fan of her as she is rather overpresented here (she hosts the german version of America's Next Topmodel, Germany's Next Topmodel and she is a spokesperson of a hairspray company who advertises too much for my taste)
Last but not least, a picture of an empty S-he Stylezone display. I found it funny because the SA filled the empty space with tissue boxes. S-He Stylezone is an austrian brand, sold exclusively at the DM drugstore and is coming out with a whole new range in May