Montag, 25. April 2011

How a simple basecoat can change your life

or the way you look at a polish ;). Some of you might wonder what todays title means. Well, it's about holos and a very very special base coat, one that makes the application as smooth as a Smoothie and streaky polishes opaque in two coats.
I'm talking about Nfu.Ohs Aqua Base/ Goshs Fix Base/ Make Up Stores Fix Base (i think thats what they call it, but I could be wrong). As I wrote before, it makes holo polishes a lot more fun, making the application a breeze, I'll get a longer wear and even makes a holo more holographic :o. Who'd pass up on that chance?

Long story short, I used the Aqua Base under the China Glaze Tronicas and boy, it was still is mindblowing. I know some might moan that the Tronicas aren't as prismatic as they expected and I was fully aware of that but I'm a holo-whore so I couldn't just pass on them even tough it was harder to get them.
The two I've used for my manicure are High Def and Techno Teal. HD is a gorgeous dark blue and in the bottle you'll only see a very sparse holo-effect and that'll only show on the bottle in direct sunlight. Painted over the AB and add sunlight *please imagine my head exploding because I didn't expect it at all!*- a rainbow on your nails. The same story with Techno Teal.
Ok, I'm not gonna bore you with more of my love letter to whoever invented the AQ, just that the application of both polishes were rather thick and opaque in two coats.
Prepare yourself for a few pictures ;) and if you'd like to enjoy the whole glory, click on them.

my right hand, which you'll seldomly get to see

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