Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

Glitter Gal Marine Blue

...or the curious case of an crackling Aqua Base. Marine Blue was one of the holographic Glitter Gals which I've been wanting for quite a long time. I splurged and ordered some but somehow this one wasn't as awesome as I imagined. Don't get me wrong, the color is nice and the holographic effect is always a plus in my book but somehow I didn't "feel it" while I was wearing it.
Anyway, Marine Blue is a medium toned, tough maybe not quite a marine blue, which is darker. With holographic nail polishes I always use the Aqua Base (a basecoat for holographic nail polishes) as my basecoat as it helps with the wear and the application. This time my Aqua Base started to crackle after it was dry which never happened to me before! I don't know why but it did and was quite a weird to have holographic nails with a crackled effect.
The application was ok, it was opaque with only one coat but used two on my ringfinger to see if the crackle effect would look any different and it did not eve out entirely :( .

... oder die Aqua Base fing an, zu "cracklen".
Marine Blue ist einer der holographischen Glitter Gal Lacke, die ich schon seit langem haben wollte. Also hab ich mir dann ein paar bestellt und er war doch nicht so toll, wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe. Obwohl die Farbe schön und der holographische Effekt immer ein mögliches Kaufpotential für mich hat, war ich nicht sehr davon beeindruckt.
Die Farbe vom Marine Blue ist ein mittleres Blau, aber heller als der eigentliche Name, Marineblau.
Bei holographischen Nagellacken benutz ich immer die Aqua Base (ein Unterlack für Hololacke) als Unterlack, weil er die Tragezeit verlängert und der Auftrag damit besser wird. Seltsamerweise find dieser an, ein Muster wie ein Crackle-Lack zu bilden, als er dann trocken war, was mir noch nie passiert ist! Ich weiß nicht, wieso aber es war dennoch seltsam, einen holographischen Lack mit einem Cracklemuster zu tragen.

Der Auftrag war ganz ok, er deckte mit nur einer Schicht, nutzte aber zwei Schichten auf meinem Ringfinger, um zu schauen, ob das Muster verschwinden würde, was aber doch nicht der Fall war :(.

the sun was really shy when I took my usual sun-pictures :( /Die ließ sich nicht blicken, als ich meine Sonnenlicht Bilder machte :(

a close up of the crackle-effect/ ein genaueres Bild vom Cracklemuster

5 Kommentare:

  1. What a weird effect. Such a pretty blue color!

    1. The weird thing is that I didn't like it as much as I thought I would... Might give it another try and then maybe sell it/swap it...

  2. This one also leaves me flat - it's not got a true holo to it and I KNOW it's possible to have holo in blues...but this one did not live up to what I know GG can do. I think over all GG is doing better things now with the newer lines they have vs. this older line. Try some of those - the price is a HUGE ouch I think however at $17 and up for the newer line/shades.

    1. yup, the price was also something that put me off- that's why I never bought any when they were only selling them in Australia- but my favourite so far from them is Lizard Belly....

  3. Eeek weird crackling - wonder what caused that? What brand Aqua base was it - the Nfu Oh?