Montag, 26. Oktober 2009

Essence Nail Stampy Set comparison

Hey there

Today I want to show you an comparison of an Stamping Set from Essence. In June/July Essence released an stamp set with 2 different image plates- I was lucky enough to get one. Now they've released them again with "improved results". I also found some differences between the stamper and scraper and compared them to the conad "1 way" stamper.

As you can see the scraper V.2( 2nd version) seems to be a Konad scraper dupe- just without the "Konad" letters. I have to say I love the first version (V.1) of the scraper because it doesn't scratch the surface of my beloved image plates. I seldomly use the 1 way stamp because I've got the 2 way stamper with the pink& green stamping surface. Even the stamp surface colour of V.2 is getting closer and closer to the Konad one. Not to mention the wave-like things that seem to hold the "rubber- thingy"
All in all I have to say great copied Essence?!

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