Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2009

NOTD Sparkle in French + Haul + comparison (pic heavy)

Hello my dear Reader

I did this french mani a few weeks ago and the polish split quite quick and now I re-did it yesterday but today it split again. So after my haul( you'll see the pics after my swatches) I've removed it. Well, here are the swatches of my "Sparkle in French"
(pictures are clickable)

So here are the polishes I used:

(from left to right: Alessandro Pro White Original( 2 coats), Essence Power Pastel 01 Power Diamond( 1 Coat), Revlon Top Coat Fixateur( a few coats, don't know exactly how many ^^) and Color Club Art Club Nail Art Laquer in Hologram Glitter for the french tips)

And now about my haul ^^
I mostly bought Drugstore Polishes- those are more affordable to me and sometimes even a better quality than the middle to high price-range polishes.
So here are the Polishes I bought:

(f.l.t.r.: Essence Nail Art Tip Painter 02 Purple Boost( it's not that opaque as I thought it would be, I might use it to franken), Alessandro Nail Polish No. 232, Alessandro Nail Polish( there is no number on this one- maybe because it was in a little package with no. 232), Basic No. 319 ( I think this one's from a Limited Edition, I'm not quite sure), Basic No. 209)

(f.l.t.r: Essence Nail Art Top Painter 03 Silver Star, L'oreal Resist& Shine Titanium No. 732( it's from the Lipstick Jungle Limited Edition), B Pretty 6 Silver Star, Manhattan Quick Dry No. 710T( sorry that the cap is missing- I'm trying to thicken the polish to franken with it better so I let it open over night) and Manhattan Quick Dry No. 17A)
There's one polish left that I'm going to use for the Elfster Christmas Swap ( I hope she reads it:P)

And now the comparison:
After I've removed my "Sparkle in French" I didn't want to polish my fingernails because the tips were quite yellow-ish from all the dark Polishes I prefer to use. So I decided to use my freshly bought b pretty nail polish- Silver Star. It looked holographic in the bottle but was a bit disappointed when I polished it on my nails. After it dried I though it looked a bit like my China Glaze Wireless Holographic Top Coat and so I swatched it on my middle fingernail:

Here my try to compare it to the bottle and failed :P

I think the Holo-effect might be visible when you're wearing it under a Black base because it wasn't visible. The Holo-effect is more viewable when with a flash than without. The China Glaze WHTC compared to the Silver Star isn't even visible- I mean you can't even see that I'm wearing a polish because the holographic effect isn't viewable. Only when I look really closely at the China Glaze WHTC it is a bit visible but not as great and big as the Silver Star plus the Silver Star Polish is much cheaper than the China Glaze one ^^

PS: I've ordered some ( well a lot) of polishes that are on my wishlist and I'm waiting for them to arrive- I hope they do arrive soon and the polishes aren't going to be held at the customs *fingers crossed* ^^

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