Montag, 19. Oktober 2009

Artdeco Number 133

Hey there

Here's a quick post about one of my favourite black Polishes: Artdeco No. 133. It's a black with silver shimmer in it and I've got it quite a while and didn't wear it( because I discovered China Glaze, OPI, and other great foreign polishes). So I though now's the best time to wear it. The application was great, I had no difficulties with them and both. I also did a comparison on my ring finger where I put Zoya Dovima Matte on it. They look a bit darker in real life and the pics shows some visible ridges that aren't there. The difference between the two of them isn't really noticable with a top coat.
(all pics are clickable)

(1coat- look how opaque both are :D )

(also 1 coat, a bit blurry- sorry about that)

(2 coats plus top coat)

(also 2 coats)

(a close up of the two different polishes with flash- here you can see that the tiny tiny glitter is different from each other- i love both polishes. If you click on this one it's a bit weird because the pic's really huge ^^
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