Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

Artdeco Glamour Noblesse LE


I just saw these pics of the new artdeco LE called "Glamour Noblesse" and I have to say I'm going to buy all three polishes(the site i've got the pic from says that there'll be 4 of them- so i'll definitly buy all 4 :D)!

Look at these three beauties, I want to buy them, hug them, paint them on my nails, and all things posible with this one :P

Click here to see the picture.


6 Kommentare:

  1. oooh - they look gorgeous. I'm new to ArtDeco - do you think they'd sell them in Austria? I'm off to Salzburg next weekend for a show and it would be good to pick up some polish while I'm there!

  2. @ Cali369: Artdeco is an german company- fortunatly they do sell them in austria in two stores called "Douglas" and "Müller". I haven't seen them yet and it seems that it may take a while til they are available in austria

  3. I have the one on the right and I have to say it looks lovely on my nails!! Great if you want a soft colour