Samstag, 3. Oktober 2009

I was tagged ^^- 7 choices tag

I was tagged by lovely Berry from happyberrynaiad :D
You just pick 7 things in the colour in the color that the person who tagged you.
So here are the things I've chosen:

1) a lip smacker (christmas) gift box- I got this one in Canada when I visited my relatives there about 3 years ago
2) a barrette- I love such things ^^
3) my beloved Konad 2 way stamper
4) a Nivea scented Nail Polish, it's called Nivea Beautè Aroma Shine Rose Perfume; it's a clear nail polish and smells like roses when it dries. I got it about 7 or 8 years ago and didn't use it much but I love the smell of this one because they don't sell it anymore.
5) my season 5 dvd's from the Gilmore Girls( I do own every season but this one's pink ^^
6) Cecelia Aherns book "Where Rainbows End"- I love the story
7) the blanket-like thing I used- it's hardly to see on the pics but it is a rosè-coloured blanket-like-thing

and I tag those ladies:
Göttin der Finsternis (a fellow austrian blogger :) )

and your color is purple ^^

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