Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

Alessandro Stilleto No 022

Hey there :)

You may have heard about the brand Alessandro  because they are going to release magnetic polishes in October. Alessandro is a German brand and here in Austria it's sold in the drugstore Müller and Douglas. I really like their LE's with the mini bottles and they've released some kick-ass flakies and duo-chromes.

No. 022 is from their Stilleto line which is supposed to be for "toenails only". The line has 3 shades including this one and there are a few other products for feet too (a foot-cream, etc.)

It didn't had any weird smell, it was the same as any other (B3F) nail polish I have. The polish dried quick but I didn't experience an outstanding shine (or I may have been spoiled with Seche Vite and my other beloved topcoats).

The color is a vibrant light purple. Imagine it less blue-toned because my camera always pictures purples wrong. I used two coats and didn't had any problems. I really like their brush because it was a wider one. The formula was good too :)

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