Montag, 4. Oktober 2010

Claire's Shy/Flirty

Hey there :)

 I recently got Flirty/Shy from another swap with the lovely Karen (if you'd like to see what she got me, I've added the pictures at the end of the post). Flirty/Shy is a blue and changes from a light to dark blue. I used two coats and it dried to a matte finish so I finished it up with a topcoat.
This is how it looks like most of the time:
And when it's warm (somehow the camera captured my visible nail line which wasn't visible in person)
And when my hands are cold:

And now, the goodies from Karen. Originaly it was two swaps but the first package got lost somewhere between the US and Austria (probably stuck somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle like our first swap package :P). Thank you so much again Karen :)

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