Donnerstag, 14. Oktober 2010

P2 Crackle Polishes and a comparison with Isadora and BYS

Hey there :)

P2 recently released two crackle polishes and I *had* to have them. There are only two colors (so far) and I hope that they're going to release new colors because unfortunatly the Isadora ones are quite expensive compared to P2( ~2€ vs 9€ or ~2,6$ vs ~11,7$).

I first layered them over my excisting manicure (Orly Wild Wisteria& Prisma Gloss Silver).
from left to right: P2 Silver Blast, P2 Black Explosion, Isadora Black Tag and BYS Black Crackle.
The effect isn't very obvious my nails except my pinky and sadly, the BYS didn't crack like the others, it had a cracked surface but the base-color wasn't shining through and my nail remained black.
Now, let's see how the colors look over a lighter base color, in this case P2 elegant (a 2 coater).

To me, P2 and Isadora look the same, tough the crackle-pattern varies how thick/thin you paint it. I tried to paint about the same amount of polish on all nails but due to the different brushes* it was quite hard.You can also see the pattern of the BYS crackle polishes I described before: they have a crackle-like surface but the base-color doesn't peek through. It's quite unique and I've never seen such a pattern before.

*P2 and BYS had quite skinny/average sized brushes, whereas Isadora had a wide brush about the same size of the OPI Pro Wide only a bit more brush-hair.

All in all I like the P2 crackling polishes. Due to the price they are definitly a steal and I really hope P2 comes out with more colors.

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