Donnerstag, 24. September 2009

Revlon Top Coat Fixateur

Hello Readers

Today I want to "praise" the (by far) best Top Coat I've ever used: Revlon's Top Coat Fixateur. It's by far the best fast drying Top Coat. How I discovered it's "magic"? Today I did my manicure as usual- a nail strenghening base coat(Catrice Nail hardener extra stron), then two coats of China Glaze's Octa gone wild and shortly after ( the layers weren't even dry yet) i've did a coat of Revlon's Top Coat Fixateur.
I did this when I chatted with a friend on an IM and about 10 minutes later all layers were dry- no smudges at all. I have to say I love this Top Coat- the big but is that it deems the greatness of the holo-polishes :(

I'm sorry I don't have any swatch-pics yet- i'm quite lazy at the moment plus a headache isn't that good.

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  1. Hey there!Just found your blog!I can't wait to see more swatches!