Montag, 30. November 2009

Frankenpolish: Jetset

Hey there :)

Today's another old NOTD. It's an try to make a dupe of (my lemming) Opi's My Private Jet. I got the "recipe" from Amarena (visit her great blog here ). As soon as I saw that she used some polishes I have access to I ran (well not literally but I got there real quick ^^) to my local drug store and found the polish- S-he 427. I didn't use Essence's Fatal polish because I had Wet'n'Wild's Black Creme. I also didn't use that much W'n'W Black cream because it is more opaque than the Essence one.
The franken only needed 2 coats and I when I took the pictures it was really cloudy and I couldn't find an lightbulb that hasn't got that yellow-ish light. So sorry about that- that was the only way to show it's holo-madness :P

Here are the pictures:

Edit: It looks similar to Color Club's Revvvolution or Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm- now I've got the second one (thanks again Velvet :) ), I think I'm going to do a comparison of the two polishes sometime soon (there are a ton of other polishes I'm planing on swatching ;) ).

Samstag, 28. November 2009

Old NOTD: OPI Ink Suede

Hey there

I'm going to show you some old swatches since I'm a bit lazy. The pics show Opi Ink Suede and it has got nothing to do with their original names. I bought this one because I've seen some swatches of these with an topcoat and 'cause I'm not a bit matte-polish fan. I also have the original (Opi Ink) and and forgot to make an comparison swatch but I think those of you who own it know how hard Opi Ink is to capture it's full awesomeness (and I definitly need to get an back-up bottle of it). Oh well, enough about Opi ink- now about the Suede version of it: the application (like all opi's) was great, I love the Opi brushes. It was opaque with two coats and dried super fast. Once painted on your nails- about half a minute and it is dry. Now the not so great part about them: unfortunatly the Suedes( or matte polishes in general?!) chip really fast. Well it is written on the little lable with the elastic wraped around the handle so I don't blame Opi for not telling their customers.
Enough said/written so here are the pictures (like all purples, hard to catch the actual colour) :

Donnerstag, 26. November 2009

My secret Santa

Hey y'all :D

I'm so happy right now. I'm feeling like a little girl who is so happy and squirelly (can't find an good translation for the german word "hibbelig").
I was part of the Christmas Polish Blogger exchange on elfster (organized by the wonderful Nicole from Magic Maid ) Yesterday I got my package from my secret Santa, Velvet from "Bring on the Bling" (check out her great blog :) ). All the polishes she got me were on my wishlist. I can't believe it that she got them all.
You'll probably want to know what was in it. Here they are- the new polishes I'm welcoming at my (growing) stash:

f.l.t.r.: Color Club Worth the Risque, Wet'n'Wild Wild Orchid(like all purples, hard to make a pic of it), Hard candy Lava & *drumroll please* Diamond Cosmetics - Chainmail Charm. yes, Chainmail Charm- a (?possible?) dupe for Opi's (old version of) My Private Jet, which I've been longing for since I first saw some swatches months ago.
Worth the Risque/Color Club: I haven't had the chance to buy this from my "polish supplyer" (haha, there's one place that still sells them at a quite expensive prices but better than nothing?!)
W'n'W - Wild Orchid: They do sell W'n'W here but only a limited choice of colour/polishes so I was thrilled when I unwrapped it from the bubble-wrap. More later in this post.
Hard Candy polishes: The blogs that I'm always reading are mostly from the US and also another lemming of mine. Plus the ring on each bottle makes them quite unique 'cause I can't think of a brand that includes a ring in every polish bottle they sell.

a close up of the bottles and to show the awesomeness of the holo-polishes (and the ring *gg*)

Here a comparison of the european& American bottles of W'n'W:

As you can see there's a slight difference of the European& American version- both the bottle shape& how much polish is in each. The European one has only 10ml and the American has got 12,7ml. I have to admit that I like the American Verion of it better- the bottle shape is more "one of a kind" and not a "standard size". Plus you'll get more in the American bottle.

So I'm off to admire my newest "babies" xD

Montag, 23. November 2009

NOTD: Frankenpolish - Write with It!

Hey there :)

Today's post is about another Frankenpolish I made. It's called Write with it! and the colour itseld reminds be of Ink.
The pictures are a bit lighter than the colour actually is and I honestly don't remember what I put in there. I'm pretty sure I took Essence Show your feet polish in 02 Deep Blue Sea and b.pretty in Silver stars- I don't know what the rest of the polishes are/were. The actual colour is a really dark blurple- but more a blue than a purple. It was opaque in 2 coats.

There was also no sunlight when I took the pictures so I'm going to show you some with flash and some without.

up: I think this picture would do the colour itself justice.
below: a pic with flash, it shows the wonderful little holographic glitter in it

here a blurry pic to show you the holographic glitter :)


Hey there :)

Just a quick post that the wonderful Amarena is having a giveaway to celebrate her 100 followers. she's giving away a few S-he nail polishes and a few other polish-related things.

Click here for more details and to enter the giveaway

Samstag, 21. November 2009

Giveaway at "Hamburg aus der Sicht einer Beautysüchtigen"

A fellow german Blogger, Nicole from " Hamburg aus der Sicht einer Beautysüchtigen" is having an giveaway. She's celebrating her 6th month Blog-anniversary. Nicole's giving away the "Celebulante Set" of/by( don't know which one) Benefit.

So check out her blog (in german) and get a chance to win these goodies :)
Click here.

Donnerstag, 19. November 2009

Birthday Mani: Second round

Hey there :)

Today's (again?) an old mani I did for my birthday. I know, I'm a bit late for posting this one but it's quite a slow NOTD week so I post some back-ups I've got in my folder.
I used two coats(I think) of China Glaze's Ruby Pumps, Konad's Image Plate M73 and Konad's special Princess Polish in Black Pearl( I think that's the name of it).
The day I took the pictures was quite cold and the window got somehow steamy.


There's a giveaway at Manicure Mommas. They're giving away the Ultra Exclusives of the Opi Christmas Collection in three mini-bottles. Click here for more details to win.

Montag, 16. November 2009

NOTD: Alessandro 291

Hey there :)

Today I want to show you some swatches of an mini-Alessandro polish from an limited Edition called "Be a Star". They just released it and i think there are still some of these pretties out there. Of course the first thing that poped into my eye was the flakie and I had to have it ;) .
When I was at home I realised that I had a possible dupe of this polish: Sasatinnie 1G9 which I posted about here .

All the pics are two coats and on my ring-finger I've painted the Sasatinnie-polish. There was just a little difference between the two polishes: the Alessandro one was a tad darker and the flakies are a bit bigger. The last few pics are better but I don't know why my camera somehow did this weird thing with the light and makes the pics more green-ish. And the colour itself is a bit darker than it appeares.

Here's finally my Essence Powder brush from the Limited edition called "Moonlight Collection"(yes, a somehow Twilight Limited Edition). After so many weeks and so many Drugstores I finally found one that still has got them. In some Drug stores they've sold everything in 3 hours!!!

Donnerstag, 12. November 2009

Contest entry- Autumn mani

Hey there

As I wrote a few posts [here] before that Loungie is having a Contest-Madness. Two quizzes and one nail art contest. The theme of the contest is autumn so I decided to do a sponge-nail art which reminds me of the leaves when they begin to change their colours- from green to brown.

I used
my own Frankenpolish called Smaragd
Opi's My Private Jet- the new brown version.

Here are the pictures (Sorry about the lack of sunlight pics, the weather isn't still swatch-friendly):

(without flash)

(with flash)

(a close-up of the spongeing and the tram in the back of the pic ^^)

Dienstag, 10. November 2009

Comparison: Bourjois No. 24 vs WnW Rock Solid in Dream Black Metallic

Hey there

Today I want to show you one of my previous NOTD comparison: Bourjois No. 24 and Wet'n' Wild Rock Solid in Dream Black Metallic. Both are green-turquoise- duo chromes. The Wet'n'Wild one is a bit darker than Bourjois and cheaper( 4€ for W'n'W& 10€ for the Bourjois one) and so the Duo-chrome effect isn't as visible/"strong" as the Bourjois one. The brush of the W'n'W one was ok- nothing extraordinary but I have to say I'm completly in love with the Bourjois brush. it is really a wide brush (even wider than the Opi pro wide brush) and fans out perfectly. I believe when I took the pics the sun (as always) wasn't shining.
All the pics are with two coats, a base and a top coat.
So let the pics speak ;)

Here a blurry close-up of the Bourjois brush:

Montag, 9. November 2009

latest Haul

Hey there!

Today's post is about my latest haul. I also found one of four H&M Holo-polishes and the ones that carries them only sells them one at the time and not all at one time( I first saw the pink one, now the golden one, I hope, I can get the others). I also bought two Hello Kitty polishes because of their really cute bottles and the black one is really opaque which I never would have expected( I just swatched it on a piece of paper).
Do you still remember this post last month? Where I wrote a preview about some holo-polishes? Well, the Limited Edition's released now and I was really dissapointed in these because they( the polishes) just have a dull shimmer in it and aren't holographic. Photoshop was really a great friend of them :(
I just bought the silver polish of this collection(no. 290).
And last but not least there are three P2 polishes. P2 is an German/Austrian Brand and is sold in Germany(there in a drug store called "DM") and in one tiny store in Vienna(which is ridiculous because the polishes are produced in Wiener Neudorf, Austria). The polishes are from a Limited Edition called "What a Girl Wants".
So here are the pics:

Artdeco no. 140, Hello Kitty by H&M in Really Black, Artdeco 290

Hello Kitty by H&M in Wicked Purple, H&M in Moonless Night, H&M Creme de la creme

And here a comparison of Creme de la creme(CDLC) & China Glaze's Gr8

I couldn't capture the Holo-effect because the sun was hiding and the weather is quite terrible at the moment( and still is).
As you can see in the pictures, Gr8 is a more yellow-sand based tone, where CDLC is more a light-brown Holo.

I was lazy to write the names down so I took this picture :D

Donnerstag, 5. November 2009

NOTD: Birthday Konadicure aka Remember, remember the 5th of November ;)

Hey :)

Today's my birthday(plus a british holiday "Guy Fawkes Night" with the rhyme Remember, remember the 5th of November- by the way that Line was also used at the beginning of the movie V for Vendetta with Natalie Portman) and I wanted to show you my last NOTD, a Konadicure. I love holographic polishes so I chose China Glaze's Let's do it in 3D from the Kaleidoskope Collection. The formula on these couldn't be better: it dried fast and was opaque in 2 coats. I let the pictures speak for itself. I used Konad's image plate M3 and M14.

(2 coats)

(about 15 minutes later, with one coat of Seche Vite)

(underneath there's my favourite scarf)

Did I mention I love holographic polishes? ^^
Plus it's my first try with trying to capture a holo- polish

Dienstag, 3. November 2009

Previous NOTD: Sasatinnie

Hello my dear readers

My today's post ist about a previous NOTD: Sasatinnie 1G9, a purple Flakie I won at happyberrynaiad's giveaway. The colour itself is really gorgeous but unfortunatly the opal flakies aren't really visible/I couldn't catch the awesomeness with my camera. I love the shape of the bottle and the cap of it is also really well-made. I didn't had any problems with the application.

(two coats, without flash)

(above& below: two coats, with flash)

Montag, 2. November 2009

Giveaway at Hellen& Sheenie's Nice things


They are having a giveaway and the prize are a few polishes- you have to guess on what specific time she actually was born.

For more details click here.