Sonntag, 29. August 2010

Maybelline Jean Jacket and Shooting Stars

Hey there :)

So today I'm going to show you two polishes which I got from the lovely Judy from BeautyJudy. Maybelline Jean Jacket is from the Denim Collection from a while ago. What I find hilarious about (general) Dollar Store polishes is, that some still have their original price tag on them or the "New Shade" sticker.
Shooting Stars is a gorgeous silver holographic glitter polish with sparse blue bar glitter. The glitter is, unlike other holographic glitter, it's linear- think of one of the polishes from the Kaleidoscope collection by China Glaze and the same effect only with little glitter particals.
I used two coats of Jean Jacket and one coat of Shooting Stars on my ring finger. I didn't had any issues with either the brush or the formula of the two polishes. The color of Jean Jacket is quite complex- it's a blue base which has a purple and a slight green/teal component in it. In the pic below you can see it near my cuticles.
First up, JJ on its own.

Mittwoch, 25. August 2010

New H&M polishes (fall/winter) and a comparison

Hey there :)

A few days ago I stumbled across some new H&M polishes. I was really suprised to see some new shades amongst the other, older ones and I bought three of the new shades (not sure if there were more tough, these were the only ones that appealed to me in the store). I've also seen on other blogs that they've spottet some new Hello Kitty shades (Glitter Purple and Silver if I remember correctly) but I haven't seen/bought them yet.

So, the three new shades:
Spending Cash with Carl- the name is quite odd. If they mean Karl Lagerfeld, they've misspelled his name or are there any other (famous?) Carls that I don't know of? The color is a vibrant blue with a foil-like appearence.
Envy Me is a beautiful emerald green. It reminds me a bit of Emerald Sparkle (by China Glaze) minus the glitter.
Blue Sky is a dusty blue creme. It's only a mini bottle and for just 0.95€ I couldn't resist not to buy this one.

As I wrote before, Envy Me reminded me of Emerald Sparkle, let see some bottle pics:
Envy me and ES look quite similar in this pic, though Envy Me is a tad darker and less yellow and Emerald Sparkle is a glitter. And ES has a certain glow- the shade picture shows is really well.
Now, let's see some swatches, shall we?
I've painted one coat of Envy me and two coats of Emerald Sparkle. As you can see, they're not really alike. Envy Me is darker and even almost black in some angles, whereas ES is a emerald green with glitter in it. (I painted ES first on my pointer and then alternating with EM). Formula-wise both are good- Envy me was a bit on the thicker side but still not too thick that it need thinner.You can scrool down for a few more pictures and sun-pictures :)

Overall I like both and they're different enough to own both. I hope H&M comes out with more shades like this :D

Montag, 23. August 2010

Playing aroung with (Claire's) Magic and Larissa

Hey there :)

You might have figured out that today's post is about Claire's Magic and Glam Nails Larissa. Larissa is the (cheaper) Nfu.Oh 51 dupe by a the German company Glam Nails.
Magic is a gorgeous purple with a magenta shimmer- you've got to see this polish in person because it has a certain "glow" in it, which is mesmerizing. It looked kinda "meh" in the bottle but now wearing it, it changes everything ;)

(like all purples, it's less blue in person)
Then I wanted to do a accent nail with a nail sticker and did this:(somehow I had a "bad cuticle day" )- I used China Glaze's Matte Magic
An now, with Glam Nails Larissa:

Samstag, 21. August 2010

Essence Undead vs. Wet'n'Wild Night Prowl

Hey there :)

When I swatched Essence's Undead from their Eclipse LE, I knew I saw something similar somewhere. A few days (or better weeks) later, I knew, which one it was- Night Prowl by Wet'n'Wild.

I painted Undead and NP alternating, beginning with Undead on my pointer. I used one coat each and as you can see, Night Powl is packed with magenta glitter. Whereas the glitter in Undead is "drowned" in the base. The color of the glitter is the same too.
Before I removed the polish, I experimented a bit with it. I used my clean-up brush, dipped it into polish remover and carefully wiped off a layer of polish on Undead. It worked and after wiping off the polish, you can see more of the glitter in Undead, see for yourself. (you can click on the pictures)

I like both and you don't need both. Considering that Night Powl is in the permanent display in the US and you can easily swap/buy/franken one bottle for yourself, I'd pick NP. And you don't have to sell an arm, leg or organ to get the overhyped Polishes from the Eclipse collection by Essence (people are selling it for the tripple retail prices at the bay of evil...)

Mittwoch, 18. August 2010

China Glaze IDK- holo-fever infected by polish insomniac

Hey there :)

I got infected with the holo-fever by polish insomniac and couldn't wait to paint this one on my nails. IDK is from their OMG collection. I hope they (or any other company) will release another holo-collection, because I know, that I'll buy them all ;).
It was opaque in two thicker coats and reveals its true glory when the sun hits it. I didn't had any issues with the application and it stayed on pretty well for 3 days. It is even more holographic in person, too bad my camera didn't picked it up.
(Sorry about the smuges on my ring and pinky.)

Dienstag, 17. August 2010

Claire's Peaceful/Confident

Hey there :)

I've already shown you the holo-version of this beauty but it wouldn't be complete. These polishes are really mesmerizing and I love to play with warm/cold water when I did a NOTD with them. Peaceful/Confident is a beautyful green when it's warm and a teal (more green) when cold. I used two coats and it wore pretty good- 3 days till I removed it. (the pictures show it a lot bluer than it really is- damn camera)

Sonntag, 15. August 2010

Tags, Tags, Tags

Hey there :)

Lovely Chris from Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes tagged me with two awards. I really like reading her ramblings and of course, her features such as iSwatch Saturday :)
First, the "A Blog with Substance" Award

Rules for award recipients:

•Thank the person for the award

• Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words.

• Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance.

The second one is the Happy 101 Award

1. Post who gave you this award.
2. State 10 things you like.
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers.

The 10 things I like are:
1- My family
2- Blogging, I learned so many nice and ass-kicking ladies (and gents) through blogging :)
3-My MP3 Player- I really love hearing my own music while I shop
4- Series- I'm quite addicted to watch and find new ones (My list is long- just a few ongoing ones: True Blood, Bones, Chuck, Desperate Housewives,......)
5- Reading Blogs- tough I don't always comment, I really enjoy discovering and reading the blogs on my dashboard
6- holidays- there's plenty when you're a student ^^
7- getting mail (email, nail mail,...)
8- baking- even tough I don't bake as often as I want to, I enjoy baking more than cooking
9- nail polish (duh)
10- travelling, I love everything about it- from day-trips to long vacations or maybe even one day a trip around the world.

I tag

Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

Swap Goodies swatches

Hey there :)

Remember this post? My swap with Judy from BeautyJudy was a blast and I got around swatching a few of the beauties she sent me.

There were some colors that I'd probably passed if I'd buy them myself but after swatching them I loved every single one :o. You know- the "Strage Beautiful"-kinda polishes.

Pro 10 in Changeling: 2 coats of awesomeness. It is a beautiful red (a copper red) with green shimmer. In some angles it even looks brownish.
Next up, Chili Frost by Sally Hansen

A middle toned brown with a light green shimmer. I really like that the bottle cap matches the varnish ^^. Two coats for this awesome sauce.

Violet Velour from the Ulta Matte-rial Girl Mini Set. A nice purple matte with silver shimmer?/glitter?. It reminds me of the finish of the Suede-collection by Opi.
I couldn't wear this alone so I decided to layer it with Sally Hansen Laser.

Dienstag, 10. August 2010

Nailene Nails Review

Hey there :)

So today I've got a review for you. I got a few Nailene Glue on Nails and some Nail stickers to review. There were two packages (for fingernails), one with nail art and one with a plain french mani. All sets of false nails came with a little two side file/buffer. The "So Natural" package even came with a little rosewood stick and nail glue inside the box. I found this tutorial/guide over at Deez Nails really helpful. even tough she used the paintable tips, it helped me a lot with the application and the removal.

First, the ones with nail art from their Nail Studio Line in Pretty
I really like them and the application was easy peasy. The flowers are amazing and I wouldn't know where to begin if I had to free-handpaint them. The brush they've included has a light pink tint and dried fairly quickly. Another thing I liked was this little thing which prevents dripping- this pic will show you what I mean:
 Now, the ones from their So Natural Line. Like the other ones, easy application, no problems at all.

Overall, I really like them, but the removal was the hardest. It took even longer than applying them- even with the scrubby-tub and lots and lots of acetone.

The products in this post were sent to me to review.  However, it didn't affect my opinion obout the product. Please visit my Disclosure Policy for more details

Freitag, 6. August 2010

H&M swatches spam and comparisons

Hey there

So today I'll show you a lot of swatches- first up, My Favourite Jeans.

It's a dark blue semi-foil with glass flecks. I used three coats. I quite like it but the formula was a bit weird.

Moonless Night- a black with dark silver shimmer. It's one of those where you only see the shimmer in direct sunlight, so it was harder to photograph. It tooke me two coats to reach opacity.
Here one with flash and after swatching it, I had something similar in my stash, Catrice Back to Black, so I did this comparison:
The same "hidden" shimmer in the bottle, let's see what the flash pic has to reveal:
Yep, definitly dupes- Back to Black was almost opaque in one coat, but you'll get better results with two, which I used for the pictures.

Fashionista- a vibrant purple, almost a frost finish
Imagine it a bit less blue. It also dried really quickly, probably the the fastest of the bunch. It took me two coats to be opaque.
Next up, Godess on Stage.
Godess on Stage is a dark eggplant purple, which sadly, is a lot darker on the nail than in the bottle.I really love the shimmer in the bottle which can probably only be seen in direct sunlight. In lower lights this one surely will look almost-black but I don't think it's a big issue because I know how beautiful it can be in sunlight :)
I used two coats
Now, some lighter shaades....
U must have this- A gorgeous blue creme, two coats to reach opacity.
Next- a comparison: Essence The World's Coolest, Orly Gumdrop, H&M Bellas Choice and Artdeco #93
The World's Coolest was a bit watery, almost jelly-like formula. I used three coats.
Gumdrop was almost opaque in one coat, it is a bit "dustier" than all the other polishes in this comparison.
Bellas Choice is the greenest/most turquoise one, it was almost opaque in one coat.
Artdeco #93 is the bluest of the bunch and was like Gumdrop& BC almost opaque in one coat.

And now the last comparison, betwen Essie Mesmerize, H&M Blue my Mind and P2 Gigantic

Mesmerize is, not like his name, the darkest one. I was quite dissapointed in it because when I first saw the swatches, it was brighter and had a neon-touch in it. On the nail& in the bottle? Not so much. I used two coats.
Blue my Mind- a beautiful creme blue. The formula was ok and  took two coats to be opaque.
Gigantic is what I imagined, Mesmerize would be- a bright, azure blue. It's my favourite in this comparison and took only two coats to be opaque.