Samstag, 31. Oktober 2009

Contests& Giveaways at polish-lounge

Hey there

loungie from the polish-lounge is having 2 giveaways and one contest.Yep, you've read right- that's 3 at the time. She's giving away a lot of great goodies( stamping plates, polishes,....).

The three contests/quizes are called
" nailart contest
regular reading quiz
what am I wearing quiz"

Just click on them for more information.
I've already entered my answeres to the two quizes and thinking about what manicure I'm going to do for the nailart contest. I'm also thinking about something maybe birthday-ish because my birthday's just a few days away

Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2009

GIveaway at modern snowwhite

There's a giveaway at modern snowwhite's blog-
She's giving away an "London Package"- the british in style, girl2go Lip Balm, an polish by the brand "17" and "Fine Glitter Dust" by Barry M.

So check it out here.

Wieso ich das Set gewinnen will?
Ich habe noch nie was von L'Occitante getestet und bin ein Nagellack-Junkie und auch noch ein "Labellofreak" :P
Ich war zwar auch noch nie in London aber bin so fasziniert von der Stadt, dass ich irgendwann mal dorthin fahren will und all die tollen Sachen anschauen kan( und natürlich shoppen ;) )

OPI Polishes in Nip/Tuck


I just began to watch the newest and last season of Nip/Tuck and in the second Episode you can see some Opi polishes in the little Beauty Salon of some Asians. Yesterdays episode had "just" 3 polishes - a red one, a plum shade and a pink one.
I don't want to tantalize you, so here are the pics.( they're clickable too :-) )

(a close-up scene of the bottle)

(They even had an Essie and an Estee Lauder Bottle in one of the last scene of this Episode)

Montag, 26. Oktober 2009

Essence Nail Stampy Set comparison

Hey there

Today I want to show you an comparison of an Stamping Set from Essence. In June/July Essence released an stamp set with 2 different image plates- I was lucky enough to get one. Now they've released them again with "improved results". I also found some differences between the stamper and scraper and compared them to the conad "1 way" stamper.

As you can see the scraper V.2( 2nd version) seems to be a Konad scraper dupe- just without the "Konad" letters. I have to say I love the first version (V.1) of the scraper because it doesn't scratch the surface of my beloved image plates. I seldomly use the 1 way stamp because I've got the 2 way stamper with the pink& green stamping surface. Even the stamp surface colour of V.2 is getting closer and closer to the Konad one. Not to mention the wave-like things that seem to hold the "rubber- thingy"
All in all I have to say great copied Essence?!

Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2009

Giveaway( german post)

Es gibt ein Gewinnspiel bei Paddy von Innen und Außen(einfach draufklicken^^). Sie verlost 2 Pinsel( einen Rouge, einen Puder-Pinsel) und einen Lidschatten aus der Moonlight LE von Essence.

Samstag, 24. Oktober 2009

NOTD: Chanel Vendetta+ Orly Prisma Gloss Silver

Hey Guys

Today I want to show you my recent NOTD. It's Chanel Vendetta and I have to say I'm quite dissapointed of it. I thought it is a really great purple (and I'm quite obsessed with them right now) but when I applied it it was opaque in one coat and you can't really see it's awesomeness at all. On some swatches you can see some blue and red shimmer but I couldn't see anything that looked nearly like that. Then I decided to layer Orly's Prisma Gloss Silver over it and I have to say I love this polish. It is a clear polish with tiny tiny holographic glitter in it and you first have to shake it a bit because it settles on the ground.
Long story short- here are the swatches (as usual, the pics are clickable)

(one coat of Vendetta)

(trying to capture the invisible blue&red shimmer)

2 coats of Prisma Gloss Silver

See that holo-awesomeness?!

Here a somehow bit of sunlight I was able to catch, a few seconds later it dissapeared.

Montag, 19. Oktober 2009

Artdeco Number 133

Hey there

Here's a quick post about one of my favourite black Polishes: Artdeco No. 133. It's a black with silver shimmer in it and I've got it quite a while and didn't wear it( because I discovered China Glaze, OPI, and other great foreign polishes). So I though now's the best time to wear it. The application was great, I had no difficulties with them and both. I also did a comparison on my ring finger where I put Zoya Dovima Matte on it. They look a bit darker in real life and the pics shows some visible ridges that aren't there. The difference between the two of them isn't really noticable with a top coat.
(all pics are clickable)

(1coat- look how opaque both are :D )

(also 1 coat, a bit blurry- sorry about that)

(2 coats plus top coat)

(also 2 coats)

(a close up of the two different polishes with flash- here you can see that the tiny tiny glitter is different from each other- i love both polishes. If you click on this one it's a bit weird because the pic's really huge ^^
f.l.t.r.; artdeco, zoya, artdeco, artdeco)

Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I went to pick up my package from happyberrynainad (visit her great blog :) ). I won her giveaway and it arrived :D

There are 3 really beautiful falkies (I've been wanting to have some since I saw some Nfu.oh polishes), 4 chrome polishes, a moisture mask and some beads and the suitable glue for nail art. I also swapped a polish with her: Opi Play 'Til Midnight. Oh I love all of the polishes- I hope I can get some swatches soon but the weather is (and was) still really terrible at the moment. The temperatures dropped from 28°C to 6°C in only one(!!) week.

Someone asked me about which brands the polishes are so I add them now:
Upper row: Sasatinnie Super Dolly Fantasy Colour -Quick Dry FCPU002(blue,purple-ish chrome) and Sasatinnie Super Dolly Fantasy Colour -Quick Dry FCSL003(multi-coloured metallic light purple)
Lower row(fltr): Etude House - Dear Darling Nails #15 Hologram Blue, Sasatinnie Super Dolly Fantasy Colour -Quick Dry FCGL001 (blurple base with flakies and glitter), Sasatinnie Super Dolly Fantasy Colour -Quick Dry FCGL003 (brown-ish red with green flakies and glitter), Sasatinnie Super Dolly Fantasy Colour -Quick Dry FCGL002 (purple base also with flakies and glitter) and last but not least Etude House Dear Darling Nails BR003.

Haul+ NOTD+ Franken

Hey there :)

As I wrote in my previous post, today I'm gonna post about my haul wich includes the (quite hyped) Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. I originally bought 10 polishes but only 9 arrived :(.

I let the pictures speak for itself ^^

A few weeks before I received my Haul-polishes I bought a quite cheap polish. When I was at home I thought- the bottle reminds me of something and then I did this picture:

The bottle of the first polish looks so much like the Zoya-polish bottles! And lastly there's OPI's My Private Jet- sadly (really dissapointing) it's not the old Holographic version :(

addition: my camera doesn't show the purple greatnes of the polishes( Opi Ink, Opi Ink Suede and my franken- they are great purple shades and if you own them yourself, you'll surely know what I'm talking about ^^ )


Today's NOTD is Opi Ink from my haul. So here are the swatches:

You'll probably wonder why I wrote Franken as a topic title.
It's part of my NOTD because I'm actually wearing a Franken on my thumb-nail- I called it "Write with it!"(WWI) because it reminded me so much of Opi ink and I wanted to compare the two of them( my franken and Opi Ink). When I frankened WWI, I didn't had the intention of creating an Ink-Dupe- I just wanted a purple Holo and I added too much blue into it.

Here are some pictures of it:

Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2009

quick hello+ news

Hello Ladies

I just wanted to post a quick hello and I'm going to post less in the few weeks& months because school is taking a lot time. I'm sort of "off to college" and therefore don't have that much time to post anything.

You'll problably wonder what the news are ^^
I just got my order with 9 (suppost to be 10) polishes that were on my wishlist for quite a long time. I'll post a haul later and amongst it there's the hyped "Seche Vite Dry Fast Coat"- I'll try it with my also from the haul-bought polish Opi DS Coronation( Silver Holo) and post the swatches later.

Samstag, 3. Oktober 2009

I was tagged ^^- 7 choices tag

I was tagged by lovely Berry from happyberrynaiad :D
You just pick 7 things in the colour in the color that the person who tagged you.
So here are the things I've chosen:

1) a lip smacker (christmas) gift box- I got this one in Canada when I visited my relatives there about 3 years ago
2) a barrette- I love such things ^^
3) my beloved Konad 2 way stamper
4) a Nivea scented Nail Polish, it's called Nivea Beautè Aroma Shine Rose Perfume; it's a clear nail polish and smells like roses when it dries. I got it about 7 or 8 years ago and didn't use it much but I love the smell of this one because they don't sell it anymore.
5) my season 5 dvd's from the Gilmore Girls( I do own every season but this one's pink ^^
6) Cecelia Aherns book "Where Rainbows End"- I love the story
7) the blanket-like thing I used- it's hardly to see on the pics but it is a rosè-coloured blanket-like-thing

and I tag those ladies:
Göttin der Finsternis (a fellow austrian blogger :) )

and your color is purple ^^

Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

Artdeco Glamour Noblesse LE


I just saw these pics of the new artdeco LE called "Glamour Noblesse" and I have to say I'm going to buy all three polishes(the site i've got the pic from says that there'll be 4 of them- so i'll definitly buy all 4 :D)!

Look at these three beauties, I want to buy them, hug them, paint them on my nails, and all things posible with this one :P

Click here to see the picture.


Giveaway madness :P

there's a blog at Kae's blog, "The Hungry Asian" and she's giving away three great polishes- I'd love to have the Hard Candy one so I'd better win this one :P

I might do my own first giveaway when I hit about 10 followers, so subscribe as one :P

PPS: I just found out that I won happyberrynania's giveaway- yay :D

Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2009

NOTD Sparkle in French + Haul + comparison (pic heavy)

Hello my dear Reader

I did this french mani a few weeks ago and the polish split quite quick and now I re-did it yesterday but today it split again. So after my haul( you'll see the pics after my swatches) I've removed it. Well, here are the swatches of my "Sparkle in French"
(pictures are clickable)

So here are the polishes I used:

(from left to right: Alessandro Pro White Original( 2 coats), Essence Power Pastel 01 Power Diamond( 1 Coat), Revlon Top Coat Fixateur( a few coats, don't know exactly how many ^^) and Color Club Art Club Nail Art Laquer in Hologram Glitter for the french tips)

And now about my haul ^^
I mostly bought Drugstore Polishes- those are more affordable to me and sometimes even a better quality than the middle to high price-range polishes.
So here are the Polishes I bought:

(f.l.t.r.: Essence Nail Art Tip Painter 02 Purple Boost( it's not that opaque as I thought it would be, I might use it to franken), Alessandro Nail Polish No. 232, Alessandro Nail Polish( there is no number on this one- maybe because it was in a little package with no. 232), Basic No. 319 ( I think this one's from a Limited Edition, I'm not quite sure), Basic No. 209)

(f.l.t.r: Essence Nail Art Top Painter 03 Silver Star, L'oreal Resist& Shine Titanium No. 732( it's from the Lipstick Jungle Limited Edition), B Pretty 6 Silver Star, Manhattan Quick Dry No. 710T( sorry that the cap is missing- I'm trying to thicken the polish to franken with it better so I let it open over night) and Manhattan Quick Dry No. 17A)
There's one polish left that I'm going to use for the Elfster Christmas Swap ( I hope she reads it:P)

And now the comparison:
After I've removed my "Sparkle in French" I didn't want to polish my fingernails because the tips were quite yellow-ish from all the dark Polishes I prefer to use. So I decided to use my freshly bought b pretty nail polish- Silver Star. It looked holographic in the bottle but was a bit disappointed when I polished it on my nails. After it dried I though it looked a bit like my China Glaze Wireless Holographic Top Coat and so I swatched it on my middle fingernail:

Here my try to compare it to the bottle and failed :P

I think the Holo-effect might be visible when you're wearing it under a Black base because it wasn't visible. The Holo-effect is more viewable when with a flash than without. The China Glaze WHTC compared to the Silver Star isn't even visible- I mean you can't even see that I'm wearing a polish because the holographic effect isn't viewable. Only when I look really closely at the China Glaze WHTC it is a bit visible but not as great and big as the Silver Star plus the Silver Star Polish is much cheaper than the China Glaze one ^^

PS: I've ordered some ( well a lot) of polishes that are on my wishlist and I'm waiting for them to arrive- I hope they do arrive soon and the polishes aren't going to be held at the customs *fingers crossed* ^^