Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

Orly Wild Wisteria and Prisma Gloss Silver

Hey there :D

I was in a layering mood and chose these two polishes: Orly Wild Wisteria and Prisma Gloss Silver. WW is a dark, eggplant purple creme. It only needed two coats to be opaque and didn't  had any problems with the formula or the brush.
(please ignore the plant in the background)
And with one coat of Primsa Gloss Silver

Montag, 27. September 2010

China Glaze Emerald Sparkle, my love for greens is revitalized

Hey there :)

A long time ago, before I got addicted to polish, there was a green polish by Manhattan which I wore and loved (I only had a hand full of polishes, a few for french manicures and a vampy berry tone). I sadly don't remember the number (all Manhattan polishes have names instead of numbers). All I remember is, that it was slightly a duo-chrome/shimmer and was a medium green.

Now I'm slowly getting into greens and after this comparison of the H&M fall/winter polishes, I knew, I had to wear it as a manicure. And I did- two coats of this awesome polish and you're good to go ;)

Samstag, 25. September 2010

Essence Studio Nails- Nail fashion Sticker in Unexpected

Hey there :)

*This post is going to be picture heavy post and the last picture will show my (stained) naked nails*

So today I'm going to show you Essence's new Nail Stickers. They are in their new peremanent display and I was eager to try them out because I wanted to see if they are a cheaper alternative to the ones from Incoco.

The package I chose from the two I bought was #14 called Unexpected. The pattern on the foil has an effect like a broken mirror (but not really a reflection- i.e. you can't see yourself in those foils).
I was afraid because I tend to have peeling nails so I painted a thin coat of basecoat on my nails and I was really relieved that I did, more on that later. I let the basecoat dry and then I began applying the foils.
After the removal, I had a sticky surface and it took a layer of bacecoat off nearby my cuticles, you'll see it in the very last picture (with my stained nails). Glad I applied the coat of basecoat.

Also I used a rubber-rosewoodstick/cuticle pusher to help applying it on the sides. In my opinion it helped with the application but I kept getting wrinkles on the side. The stickers weren't a 100% match for my nails width-wise and it was a bit hard to choose the right size (That may be my fault).
I pointed the wrinkles out in the a few pictures, but you may want to click on them to see more details.

My final verdict is, that these nail stickers are not really that great- maybe Essence should rework and see how they can improve them, otherwise I wouldn't recommend them if you have small nail beds and/or quite curvy nails.

I took them off after two days. They lifted on the free edge and it bugged me that my hair got stuck or it had a rougher surface. (again, you can see more details when you click on the pictures)

Warning: stained nails in the last picture (and the basecoat issue):

Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

China Glaze DV8 and QT with some stamping

Hey there :D

I was in the mood for some holos and recently bought a bottle of QT. QT is a magenta holo and part of the OMG series by China Glaze. Sadly, they are discontinued but you may be lucky to find some of them at etailers.
I've already shown you DV8 here. QT and DV8 were opaque in two coats and I didn't had any problems with either polish. I stamped with the black Konad Princess polish and Image Plate HB24 (a coffee/tea-themed image plate).

Mittwoch, 22. September 2010

China Glaze Kaleidoscope him out and Milani Cyberspace

Hey there :)

So today I've got two stunning holos for you- China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out and Milani Cyberspace. KHO, sadly is discontinued and I think Cyberspace is their permanent line, but I could be wrong. Both are baby-blue holos, they have bigger glitter-like particals without being bumpy (it's hard to describe).

I used three coats on both polishes and didn't had any problems with the brush or their formula. Another great thing is, that they both dry really quick and I didn't use a topcoat. So can you spot the difference between the two polishes? I can't :) (you can write your guesses in the comments if you like )

I wanted to add something on my manicure, so I added some water decals I got in my sample pack from Viva la Nails.

If you'd like to know which nail I painted on which nail, just mark the grey field below.
I've only painted Cyberspace on my ring finger, the rest is painted with Kaleidoscope him out

Montag, 20. September 2010

A couple new things from Essence

Hey there :)

I went a shopping today and was suprised to find a few new things from Essence's new permanent display. They were not done reorganizing so I only bought the things that were already on the shelve. That's what it looked like (you can click on it to make it larger)

And these are the things that I bought

The matt-topcoat wasn't in the display but it's going to be permanently available (It's in their current "We saw it first Le" ).
and here's a close-up of the nail stickers:
 Now I can't decide which nail sticker to use first- you can tell me in the comments which one you'd like to see first :)

Sonntag, 19. September 2010

Zoya Charla.... wow

Hey there :)

So today's all about Zoya Charla.You might've seen and heard way to much of this polish. I finally got my own bottle and boy, it's a stunning color. It's a blue-green duochrome and looks really like a Mermaid's tail.
I used two coats and typical great Zoya quality- good formula and brush. Somehow it looked more green on me and the pictures shows that it is blue- the third picture shows it (the green side) quite well.

I've also added some decals from my Viva la Nails Sample Pack:
There are products in this post which were sent to me to review. Please visit my Disclosure Policy for more information.

Freitag, 17. September 2010

A Franken and crackles

Hey there :)

Today's just a quick post. I recently saw some swatches of Models Own Disco Mix and thought that it was quite easy to franken my own so I did. I used an unnamed blue glitter from Claire's (the ones they sell here are all unnamed :( ) and the pink glitter from my swap with the sweet Jackie from Candy Coated Tips.

I couldn't let it alone so I layered a thick coat of Isadora White Art over it.

I'd recommend you to click on the pic to enlarge it to see the glitter better :)

Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

NYC West Village and Finger Paints Sapphire Shimmer

Hey there :)

Today I've got two other swap goodies for you: NYC West Village and Finger Paints Sapphire Shimmer. SS is destined to be layered so I figured that WV would be a great partner for it. I used two coats of West Village and didn't had any problems with either the formula or the brush. This is acutally my first NYC polish and I'm really impressed :D
The color is a dark indigo with lighter blue shimmer. Tough it's more hidden and mostly only brought out when the sun directly shines on it or the camera light. (eek, please excuse my corpse-looking skin tone, bad, bad camera flash)
Now, layered with one coat of Sapphire Shimmer
And the sun decided to join too ;)

Montag, 13. September 2010

Yves Rocher Bleu Nuit gets a bit chunky with Claire's

Hey there :D

As you can see, I changed the Template. I was getting a bit sick of the old one so a new one was necessary. I hope you like it :)

Remember this post about my comparison of the teeny tiny Yves Rocher polishes? I've decanned one of the bottles because I simply can't handle the tiny brush and handle. Bleu Nuit is from an previous Christmas LE (from last year I think) and is incredibly pigmented. I was able got get nearly double of the original 3ml with lots and lots of thinner (I use this method of cleaning out bottles who are really pigmented so I don't waste any polish). I've also put some comparison pics of the brush at the end if you're intrested.

Anyhow, it's still incredibly pigmented even with all the thinner and a better bottle. I used one coat except my pointer, where I painted two to see how it'll look. The second coat gives it a really awesome depth.

See how it glows on my pointer?
I couldn't let it alone and decided to layer Claire's Chunky Blue over it and it was instant love :D

The sun decided to join this party too :D

Now onto the brush comparisons: I used a Orly brush to compare it to and it's twice at big as Yves Rochers one.
The Orly brush is 4 inches(8cm) long. I wonder if anyone can handle the YR one?

Sonntag, 12. September 2010

Rimmel Night Before and some Glitter

Hey there :)

After seing EvilAngel's post about this polish, I had to dig it out of my stash to paint it on. It's a gorgeous purple with red shimmer. Sadly, this shade wasn't available (anymore?) here.
I used two coats and really like their brushes, wide, spreads out nicely. After painting it, it looked a bit too plain so I dug out another polish. I got it in an Asian Store which sold quite random things- from shoes to clothes, luggage cases, hair aceccories and make-up. They had quite a few shades but there were only two which appealed to me.
I've never tried them till now but they are most certainly not B3F. It was quite hard to work with the glitter polish because the formula was quite thick and it was hard to pick out the glitter.

Freitag, 10. September 2010

Gosh Holographic

Hey there :D

Remember my great swap with Martje from Girly Addictions? She was so awesome to offer Gosh Holographic and I couldn't wait to paint it on my nails. The weather was perfect for holos too :D.
I used one coat of their Fix Base and two coats of Holographic. The formula of Holographic was quite different form the previous holo I've used before. It's quite thick but once on the nail, it gets runny.

Now some pictures, shall we?
(I couldn't choose which ones to post, so there are plenty ;) )

Mittwoch, 8. September 2010

American Appearel Mount Royal and a Sinful Nail Junkie

Hey there :)

American Appearel came out with nail polishes quite a while ago and I teased you before with what I've bought. So now I finally painted Mount Royal on my nails. Most (all?) AA polishes are opaque with one coat and this one isn't a exception. I didn't had any problems with either the formula or the brush- both were great.
Mount Royal  is a blurple creme and it's a shame that my camera sucks at picturing purples, teals,...

This color alone was a bit too simple for my taste, so I picked up Sinful Colors Nail Junkie which I got from my awesome swap with Jackie from Candy Coated Tips.Voilà, a great combination- I bet it'll look as mesmerizing on toes too ;)

Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Nubar Peacock Feathers

Hey there :)

So today's NOTD is a Duo/multi-chrome classic, Nubar's Peacock Feathers. It's green, it's purple, it's blurple, hints of gold,...
Not to mention it's one of my favourite shades by Nubar? Application was good, tough a bit runny. I used two coats. The brush is great and I toped it with Nubar Diamont instead of my current Seche Vite (which btw, I try to use up and go back to my old beloved Sally Hansen Insta Dry).

Behold, the beauty of Peacock Feathers