Freitag, 25. Februar 2011

I finally have a piece of a Starry Starry Night with a lot of pictures and a bonus

If you've wondered about the title, it's not that I've bought a bottle of Essie's Starry Starry Night. But a few weeks ago I finally placed my order at GingerkittyDesigns Etsy Shop. I couldn't resist buying the earrings and the ring. Tough I don't have Starry Starry Night, I do have Maybelline Twinkle Twinkle, which is a really close color.
The earring box
Before we start with the picture-spam, here's a little extra (ring) she included. (Laser insisted on wearing the ring ;) ) This ring was actually made with Orly Lunar Eclipse, but Sally Hansen Laser is a dupe for it.

Now, onto the "comparison" of Twinkle Twinkle and SSN: I couldn't really capture it, but Twinkle Twinkle is the teeny tiniest bit more purple than SSN. And you have to look really really close to capture it in person, you wouldn't notice it in a distance. I used two coats of Twinkle Twinkle, it was a bit gloopy tough but given it's age, it was still in pretty good "shape".
Some bottle-earring comparisons (I'd recommend you to click on the pictures):

one taken with flash
and some sun pictures

Thanks so much Tracey, I love all three pieces :)

Disclosure: I purchased the SSN earrings and the SSN ring myself, received Maybelline Twinkle Twinkle in a swap and the Crackle Ring was a gift. However, it did not affect my opinion about any of the products in this post

Quick post for my Austrian readers

Sorry guys, this post will be in german because it's about a discount/coupon from an austrian drug store.

Für die Österreicherinnen:
Laut der bipa facebook-seite gibts bis zum 12.März -15% Rabatt auf alle Mascara, Lippenstifte und Nagellacke.
Es gibt auch einen Gutschein, den man sich hier ausdrucken kann und im Zeitraum vom 1. bis 3. März für die Bipa Deko-Eigenmarken (IQ, b.pretty,..) 20% beim Einkauf sparen kann.

Beide Aktionen kann man nicht miteinander kombinieren, ggf. das kleingedruckte auf der Seite, wo man den Gutschein ausdrucken kann, durchlesen.

Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011

If you're looking for some new kitties...

a new H&M polish (Peppermind Fusion) and a new Hello Kitty one (Turquouise)

Montag, 21. Februar 2011

Cracked Steel Me

You might remember this post, where I've swatched (almost) the whole collection on nail tips. Steel Me was the one which appealed to me most so I finally painted it on my nails. I used the alessandro magnet to "make" the pattern but it didn't turn out very well, probably because my nails are quite curved. Another thing is that I was underwhelmed (probably because of the almost non-excisting patterns).
I painted an accent nail with L'oreals Star Magnet in Magnetic Prune- I used one coat each and because I didn't like it as much as I tought I would, I decided to take out Isadora's Spraycan Blue, the blue crackle polish.

and here it is with a thick coat of Spraycan Blue
and the glossy version with a topcoat

Some of you might've noticed it, but I've made a facebook page but always forgot to mention it here-
Click me :)

Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

Deborah Lippmann Lady Sings the Blues

Hey there :)

You probably have noticed, that I've got a weakness for hex-glitters. So I knew I had to have Lady sings the Blues by Deborah Lippmann and when I had the oppportunity to swap this (and others) with the generous mrsrexy.
LstB is a dark blue with jelly-like qualities so the silver hex glitter in it can still peak through and give it an depth. I used two coats on this polish and it applied good, you have to be a bit carefull tough, because the hex-glitter can get in between the brush-hair and that'll make the application a bit difficult.

and here's a blurry picture to show the depth (you can click on it to make it larger :) )

Samstag, 12. Februar 2011


Hey there :)

I've been procrastinating a bit and enjoying my break. Also I've been re-organizing my stash and still purging, so I'll update my blogsale soon :).

For the meantime, here's a little sneak peak of what's to come

Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

A little update and a blog sale

Hey there :)

So I'm back and survived my exams. I've also had time to finally put together a blog sale. Click here or click the "Blog Sale" tab to take a look, I'm selling US and austrian polishes and *gasp* two magnetic polishes.