Samstag, 31. Juli 2010

My winnings from Polished Love Affair and a sparkly Notd

Hey there :)

A few days ago I got my winnings from Kristine from Polished Love Affair. She also included some extras from my wishlist :D

So, here they are:
(the chocolates are gone by now ^^)

with the M2 image plate in it.
Thanks again Kristine, I love all the things you picked out :)

And the sparkly Notd, Pure Ice Strapeless, which I got in a swap from the lovely Ange :)
I used two thick coats and a nail sticker I got to review from Nailene.
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Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

Isadora Crackle Polishes- FINALLY

Hey there :)

I saw this post at Negglelakkmani a few days ago and was so excited that a European company, Isadora decided to release Crackle polishes. I wrote Isadora through their "Contact us"- email adress and got the response that they'll be available next week :D. I really feel like a happy camper and do I have to say what I'll be doing first thing on Monday morning? ^^
There'll be six colors, black, yellow, white, green, pink and blue.

So, if you'll see a crazy woman at 9am on Monday morning, it'll probably be me ;)

Edit: I saw a blogpost with swatches, click here.
It also seems that Austria seems to get the Isadora Limited Editions one month after they've released them in Germany :(

Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

I'm back with H&M Bad Temper

Hey there :)

I'm back, my blogging batteries are fully loaded and I can't thank you guys enough on your comments in my last post, they really helped.

Bad Temper by H&M is my first polish by H&M. I got it a few years ago before I really got into nail polish and am still happy that I didn't throw it away. It still has a more squared bottle than the newer ones. It is a dark blurple color, not too dark that it's black in lower lights- it has a nice purple and blue shimmer in it. Sadly, my camera sucks at displaying the real color of this beauty.
I used two coats, probably would've gotten away with one. No application problems too.

(you can still see the purple in it and it wasn't as dark in person)
this pic shows the shimmer really well- it's a tad darker

Samstag, 17. Juli 2010

A little break

Hey there

I'm taking a little break from blogging because there are some things in my life that I need to resolve and the heat-wave(35°C or 95°F) isn't making things better. I'm not sure tough, how long I'll be away, but here's a little sneak-peak off the things to come and look forward to after my break

oh and my final Viva la Nails Review

Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2010

Essence - Eclipse Limited Edition

Hey there :)

Along with the 3rd movie of the Twilight Saga, Essence released a Limited Edition with this theme. Needless to say, it was more difficult than other LE's from essence to get the things you've wanted. One thing that I didn't buy was the magenta/berry-colored polish called "Don't bite- Kiss me". But I bought the rest of the shades ^^

The formula on these were average- not too runny, not too thick. I didn't use a topcoat for the swatches.
Undead- a black creme with magenta glitter. Sadly, the base color is a bit too dominant and the glitter doesn't shop up in lower lights or in the shade. It's similar to Eyeko's Vampira or China Glaze's Lubu Heels. I used two coats, but would've gotten away with one thicker coat. (I think the glitter would be more visible if you carefully wipe a layer of polish off with a brush and aceton/polish remover)

Thristy- A blood-red polish. it leans a bit to the brown side and as you can see on the picture, the color in the bottle is a bit darker than on the actual nail(s). It dries quite shiny (a bit more than average polishes), dries quickly and I used two coats to reach full opacity.

Hide, Bella Hide- Is a silver foil polish. Sadly, you can see the brushstrokes. It needed two coats to be opaque.

Ready to be bitten- This is the sheerest amongst all. Even after four thick coats you can clearly see the VNL (visible nail line). Because of its sheerness, that'll make a great polish for a American or French Manicure. I really like this one and wouldn't mind wearing it alone if my nails weren't stained.

My overall impression: These are nice shades. Most of them are opaque in two coats and they have a average dry- time. They might not be the "breathtaking, unique or I WANT THESE!"-shades and I can't see why these are inspired by Twilight, but I'm sure a lot of others (probably mostly Teenagers) will buy these, no matter what.

Sonntag, 11. Juli 2010

Holo week - Day 7, final day with China Glaze, Claire's, Glam Nails and Milani

Hey there :)

So today's the last and final day of my holo week. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did :) This post has a lot of pictures, so beware ;)

First off, Milani Hi-Res. A beautiful lavender colored holo. I used 2 coats, no topcoat. Sadly, my camera is overhelmed by the holo-nes of this polish and imagine it more holographic. (I'd recomend you to click  on the pictures :D )
Next up, Claire's Peaceful/Confident(2 or 3 coats) layered with one coat of Glam Nails Rainbow (and a Nail Sticker from Nailene- thanks Judy *waves*)
China Glaze Lol- awesome purple polish, one of my favourite! 2 coats, no topcoat.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND drumroll please....

China Glaze OMG- and you might think it when you're wearing it and stare at your nails when the sun directly shines on it ^^. I used 3 coats, as always when I wear holos, no topcoat.

Samstag, 10. Juli 2010

Holo week - Day 6, China Glaze Dv8 (pic heavy)

Hey there :)

One day 'till the finale of my holo week, hope you enjoyed it so far. Let's focus on today's lacquer: Dv8 from China Glaze. Another gem from the OMG collection. A green polish with a hint of blue and I love it! The application was a dream- one thick coat and it was opaque. I like to apply thicker coats when I use holos because it's easier to prevent the draging and they dry super fast, so there's no issue with the drying time.

I couldn't let this manicure alone so I used some water decals which I got from Viva la Nails.
Check back tomorrow for the final day of my holo week celebration :)
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Freitag, 9. Juli 2010

Holo week - Day 5, China Glaze Glaze Let's do it in 3D

Hey there :)

Two days till the finale of my holo week :D. But today's all about Let's do it in 3D from China Glaze. It's from their absolutely "rocking my socks off" Kaleidoscope Collection. It's a grey holo and still is amazing in lower lights. I used 2 coats, no topcoat.
Another thing that I've experienced is that the printing on the bottles isn't sticking to the bottle anymore, I've pointed it out on this pic (click to make it larger to see it better):

(the letters c and h are already missing and the artwork is too :( )

I couldn't leave it like that so I used some nail stickers from Viva la Nails, which they've kindly sent me some samples to review.

and a close-up of the stickers:

There are products in this post which were provided to me by a company for reviewing purposes, please visit my Disclosure policy for more details.

Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2010

Holo week - Day 4, Color Club Revvvolution

Hey there :)

3 days to go at holo week :D. Color Club Revvvolution is a black polish with lots and lots of silver holographic glitter(is it really a glitter? *scratches head*). The black base is highly pigmented but they've mastered it that the holo is still visible.

It applied good with two coats and like the other holos, I didn't use a topcoat. Sadly, my camera is overhelmed by the holo-nes of almost every holo and imagine it more holo than it is because this is a great one :).

above: full sunlight- a lot more holo-action than this pic shows ;)
below: with flash
and a bonus pic, my holo earrings which I love :D

Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2010

Holo week - Day 3, Frankenpolish Fury

Hey there :)

A new day, a new holo :) So today's NOTD is my Frankenpolish called Fury. It's a blurple holo and my camera has problems picking up the right color (like allmost every purple). Imagine it less blue.

I used two coats, no topcoat and please excuse the tipwear.

Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010

Holo week- Day 2, China Glaze 2nite

Hey there :)

Today's day 2 of Holo week and we'll celebrate it with this blue holo. 2nite came out in the OMG Collection from China Glaze a few years ago and I think some of them are hard to find by now- which is understandable because these holos rock!
So, this particular one is a blue linear holo. It applied well in 2 coats and in my oppinion these are better to paint when you've got a decent amount of polish on the brush. They are drying fast so the thick coats aren't an issue. As most holos I don't top it with an topcoat and they wear pretty well because it lasted me about 3 days with minimal tipwear, no chipping. So I'm really impressed with these (who isn't?) but there's one little complaint: the paint/letters on my bottles aren't holding onto the bottle, which in case of the Kaleidoscope collection is really a pitty because the artwork on them is pretty and don't want half of it on my hands when I open a bottle of them. And I never had any similar issues with my other China Glaze bottles which is weird.

May I present you 2nite in its full glory:
(one in the shade, the color is still great :) )
and the last two pictures , full sunlight