Mittwoch, 31. März 2010

old NOTD: Orly - Charged Up (chocolate&pic heavy :P)

Hey there :)

Today's post is about an old NOTD I did a while ago. The colour i'm talking about is Orly's Charged Up and reminded me of something I really love: the colour of a chocolate wrapper by the company called Milka (and take a closer look to the purple cow ;) ). In fact the pictures show two of my most favourite flavours: white chocolate and one filled with caramel creme and I figured why not skip the bottle pics and just take pictures of it with the chocolate ^^
The pictures below show 3 coats to even every bald/streaky spots out but after the application I left the bottle open overnight so I just have to paint 2 coats (I like to do that because sometimes I'm impatient ^^)

I heard that it is a dupe for China Glaze's Grape Pop or Rescue Beauty Lounge's Mismas (and I don't have both because my stash is kinda overflowing)

So here it is, Orly Charged Up:

Montag, 29. März 2010

Nfu.Oh 51 Dupe (bottle pic spam)

Hey there :)

I found an dupe for the infamous Nufu.oh No. 51 and thought to share it with you. It's from an austrian/german brand called glam nails. I believe it's from an LE but haven't found an official site and the label is not really readable.
The downside: a bottle only holds 5ml and seems to be as sheer as the original "sister"

Let's move on to the pics (yeah, I was lazy to re-watermark them ;)) :

Sonntag, 28. März 2010

Nubar Night Sparkle (pic heavy)

Hey there :)

Hope you have a geat Sunday 'cause the sun is shining in Vienna and can't wait for summer :)
The manicure I'm going to show you today is Nubar - Night Sparkle. I've been wanting this polish and was thrilled that Karl from PetrasNailStore offered me to try review a few Nubars.
I picked out Night Sparkle and it was love at first sight. The picture don't to its justice because in lower lights the base colour darkens and the lighter blue glitter pops out... It's an effect you have to see yourself :)
About the colour: If the sun/light hits it, it's cobalt-blue with the lighter blue glitter but in the shade or lower light, the glitter stands out and the base colour changes into an dark, almost navy blue.
The application was great and the drying time was too. I've toped it with two coats of Nubar Diamont and I have to say I love it- it's better than my current topcoat (Revlon Top Coat Fixateur) and all coats were dry in about 15 minutes (1 coat basecoat, 1 coat ridgefiller, 2 coats of Night Sparkle and 2 coats of Diamont)

Now to the pictures (because I couldn't choose, there are a few ^^):

following 4 pictures: indirect sun, no flash

with flash (look how outstanding the glitter is!)

(I was not paid to write this review)

Freitag, 26. März 2010

Swap goodies& little holiday haul (pic heavy)

Hey :)

Here are the haul pics and swap goodies that I've promised you a few posts before. First, the swap goodies. I've arranged quite some swaps before I went to vacation and they all arrived when I came back- boy, it was like my birthday and christmas were on the same day :D

3 swaps over MUA, Peackock feathers is so stunning in person :D

And the other swap (by far the biggest package of goodies I've ever received: a swap with Brooke from Getcha Nails Did ! She sended along so many extras and so many sweets ( all already eaten ^^)

can you see the reflected holographic-shine of the 3 polishes on the floor? I love this effect...

Thank you so much Brooke for swapping, I love all the goodies you sent me.

And last but not least, the polishes I picked up when I was on vacation. I've never seen those little bottles of Revlon before. There are also two Vov polishes- it seems to be a Korean brand 'cause the label is written in Korean. And there was also an unnamed Mei-Linda polish, never heard of this brand before and it's actually a really dark purple jelly but my camera picked it up wrong.

Oh and i went shopping today and may found an dupe of the infamous Nfu.oh No.51 :D

Montag, 22. März 2010

old NOTD: Wet'n'Wild Wild Orchid over Opi Play 'Til Midnight

Hey there :)

Long time no post- I know. Today I'm going to show you an old NOTD- Wet'n'Wild's Wild Orchid over Opi's Play 'Til Midnight. Both of the polishes are from other awesome bloggers, I got Wild Orchid from the X-mas Blooger exchange (my secret elf was Velvet from "Bring on the Bling"). The other polish I swapped with Berry from happyberrynaiad. I'm not quite sure how many coats I did on the base colour, Play 'Til Midnight, but it was highly pigmented, so I think it was 2 coats of PTM and one coat of Wild Orchid.
As most purples, these pictures are more red-toned than they show here. And it looks like that it is somehow a frosted finish- which wasn't visible IRL.

Let's go on to the pictures :

A blurry picture to show off the holographic glitter in it :)

Dienstag, 16. März 2010

Accessorize Polish Launch

Hey there :)

Just a little Info for those who can order or have acess to an Accessorize Store*. They've launched a little nail polish line with 7 shades. I myself haven't seen them in the stores yet but I have to check now because I'm already lemming some of the shades.
Here's a link to their (UK) online-shop.

The trend now seems to be that clothing/accessory stores are releasing polish lines, what do you think?

*Accessorize is an Jewlery/Trinklet/Bag,.. store similar to Claire's but the focus is more on accessories. A little birdy told me they'll soon launch an store in the US :).

Donnerstag, 11. März 2010

Awesome giveaways

Hey there

There are quite a lot of giveaways in the blogsphere and here a few where I'd like to try my luck :)

  1. All you desire is having a 500 followers giveaway: she's giving a whole bunch of polishes and nail treatmens, so head over to her great blog here.
  2. There's a lot of beauties at Emerald Sparkles 200+ followers giveaway, check it out here.
  3. Insideofmypurse also has a bunch of goodies in hers. A Konad stamping kit, the alice in wonderland mini polish set AND (one of the things I'm most excited about is the Claire's mood polish in Calm/Wild). and those are only a few things she has got there; here's a little sneak peak of the other polishes:

Here's the link to insideofmypurse. Oh did I mention I like her swatches& the colours she picks out for her NOTD's? Well, now I did :).

There's another awesome giveaway at Toxix Lipstick. She's giving away some Aussie polishes and they look gorgoeus. Here's the link.

Chromatic Misadventventures is having an giveaway too- one of the prices are the Maybelline Flakie Topcoats :D- Check it out here .

PS: I'm planning a huge swap&haul post, so stay tuned ;)

Mittwoch, 10. März 2010

Giveaway at Nailjunkie

Nailjunkie is having an awesome giveaway with a lot of pretty polishes and other nail-related stuff.

Check it out here.

Here a little teaser on which polishes she's giving away:

Dienstag, 9. März 2010

Ebay, why do you have to do this to me?

Just a little post about my long time lemming, you can ignore it if you want :)

I was just browsing over ebay ( i know i shouldn't to it) and I couldn't help myself to search for "opi my private jet holo" and there it was- 2 hits and still 7 available. Now I get it why most people call it evilbay...
*sigh and goes off to dream about having this lemming one time*

Montag, 8. März 2010

I'm back and a recent NOTD

Hey there :)

As you probably read in the headliner I'm back. It took me quite a while to switch from *holiday-mood* to the *working and going to school-mood*.
The NOTD I'm going to show you today is Dior Rose Boreale layered over Dior Poison Blue. I showed you Poison Blue itself here.
The reason I got this polish was when I saw swatches on Nora's blog, Nail Of the Week. After that I had another lemming and knew I would own one bottle sometime.
To the application: In my opinion the brush was a bit on the stiffer side- I know there are much worse polish-brushes outside there but thankfully it didn't had any effects on the painting. Poison blue was quite opaque on the first coat but to smooth out the little mistakes I made during application I painted second thin coat.
After that I layered Rose Boreale and the magic happened^^. From an almost-black to an purple (and you may know how much I'm a sucker for purples).

Now the pictures(*sigh* the weather was so much better than and I had longer nails :( ):

PS: There's an awesome giveaway at Sawan's Blog, check it out here.