Montag, 2. August 2010

Kitties, Kitties, everywhere I look

Hey there :)

You might be a bit confused with the title, but today it's all about the Kitty, that a lot of people love- Hello Kitty. H&M came out with a whole bunch of them- this summer/fall are two collections. Most of the Hello Kitty collections by H&M have 2 polishes, 2 lip balm tins, 2 eyeshadow quads (I hear they are poorly pigmented, but never bought one of them). I mostly just buy the polishes or one of the lipbalms (after the sniffing them ;) ).

So, here are the two from last years fall/winter collection:
Wicked Purple is a nice eggplant shade with magenta and purple/blue-ish shimmer (pic below will show it off better). Imagine this color less blue, my camera seems to hate purple and teal shades...
One awesome coat to reach opacity

Really black, is, as the name implides, a black creme. It took me two coats till it was opaque.

And the two I bought from this years summer/fall collection:
First, we have Turquise Kitty. The formula was a bit thin but not runny. It is a beautiful light-turquoise with  silver glitter in it. The glitter is really hard to capture (or at least for me). And another thing: did they misspell "turquoise"? I looked at the bottle twice and it says "Turquise Kitty".

And last but not least, Cool Summer. It's a nice light purple with purple, clue and silver glitter. It has a nice brush but sadly, the formula was on the thin side. The pictures show three coats and sadly, my camera refuses to show the glitter- she's old and becoming stubborn, I think I need a new one.
I really like the Kitty on this bottle

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