Samstag, 24. April 2010

Essie Sexy Divide aka one of the polishes I like more on the pics or in lower lights

Hey there :)

This may be the longest blog title I've written so far ^^ Anywho- Sexy Divide.... I loved it when I first saw some swatches of it and of course the inner purple-lover wanted it. I gave in, bought it and wore it but somehow it wasn't love at first sight... I liked it more in lower lights because somehow then it gets a depth which can only be seen then. The color is a middle-toned purple with a light(really light) duo-chrome effect in the bottle from magenta to an eggplant-purple. The opacity was good- 2 coats till there was no visible nail line and the brush was ok- not as awesome as the Nubar's brush or Opi pro wide brush.
Somehow the pics also show a "glow" which I recognize now, I should pay more attention to it when I wear it the next time.

As most purples- it is not as blue-tones as it appeares here (and sorry about the pre-clean up pics)

5 Kommentare:

  1. Schon wieder so ein schöner ESSIE Lack....irgendwann werde ich sicher schwach :D

    Die New Moon DVD hat beim Müller e 12,99- gekostet.

    Bin gespannt wie lange sich der Mascara sogut macht. Viele klumpen ja nach einiger Zeit.

  2. Stimmt, die DVD war anfangs sehr teuer, da ist sie im Moment richtig als Schnäppchen zu bekommen :)

  3. That's too bad about you not loving the color! It's a very vibrant color on your hands, simply stunning!

  4. rmcandlelight:
    it is but somehow i like it more on the pictures than in sunlight/brighter light...

    Jackie S.:
    thank you :)