Dienstag, 13. April 2010

Layering Love: Color Club Groove Thang + China Glaze Nova+ Essence Glitter Topper Shiny Star

Hey there :)

As you can see at the topic title above it's another layering manicure :). Somehow I've got way to many almost-black polishes. So today's NOTD I'll show you is China Glaze Nova and Essence Glitter Topper layered over Color Club Groove Thang. Groove Thang is a gorgeous colour in the bottle but sadly it's a bit too pigmented that the colour you see on your nails is a black. The actual colour is only seen in direct sunlight- kinda dark purple with a green duo-chrome effect in some angles. Nova is a gorgeous layering polish- a lot of different sized glitter(round&square ones)- a bit chunkier in a clear base. I don't have the exact name of the Essence Polish because I bought it a while back and the letters on the bottle litteraly fell of (see the below pic ;) ) and only the lable on the top "survived". I believe they've re-released it in one of their Nail Art Twins but with a different name.

(see the black "things" on the bottom of the bottle? those were supposed to be letters)
and of course a flash pic- to see it's holographic awesomenes(plus I love the reflection on my floor):

Unlike Nova the Essence polish hasn't got as many glitter in it. In fact I only picked up a few of those and did only an accent nail. Maybe I should've done it the other way round so the removal would've been easier ;)
The application was great on all 3 polishes- Groove Thang needed 2 coats 'till full coverage and I did 1 coat each of Nova & the Essence one.
Here are the pics:

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