Montag, 19. April 2010

Nubar Prize: Layering Experiments Part 2 (pic heavy)

Hey there :)

As I wrote yesterday that I haven't found the "perfect" red tone to layer under Prize I went through my stash and found a Frankenpolish I did quite a while ago: Ruthy.
I really like the result of the layering- it makes Prize more royal-red toned which I like more than the original magenta-colour.

The pictures show 2 coats Ruthy and one coat Prize on the nails I did the layering, 2 coats of Prize where I only painted Prize.

(a little pic of the background while I was taking the pics- me watching The Simpsons ^^)

2 Kommentare:

  1. It looks so good when layered over your franken. I seriously want a pink just like that now. :D

  2. It looks really good layered, it gives it depth!