Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

I'm back with H&M Bad Temper

Hey there :)

I'm back, my blogging batteries are fully loaded and I can't thank you guys enough on your comments in my last post, they really helped.

Bad Temper by H&M is my first polish by H&M. I got it a few years ago before I really got into nail polish and am still happy that I didn't throw it away. It still has a more squared bottle than the newer ones. It is a dark blurple color, not too dark that it's black in lower lights- it has a nice purple and blue shimmer in it. Sadly, my camera sucks at displaying the real color of this beauty.
I used two coats, probably would've gotten away with one. No application problems too.

(you can still see the purple in it and it wasn't as dark in person)
this pic shows the shimmer really well- it's a tad darker

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