Mittwoch, 8. September 2010

American Appearel Mount Royal and a Sinful Nail Junkie

Hey there :)

American Appearel came out with nail polishes quite a while ago and I teased you before with what I've bought. So now I finally painted Mount Royal on my nails. Most (all?) AA polishes are opaque with one coat and this one isn't a exception. I didn't had any problems with either the formula or the brush- both were great.
Mount Royal  is a blurple creme and it's a shame that my camera sucks at picturing purples, teals,...

This color alone was a bit too simple for my taste, so I picked up Sinful Colors Nail Junkie which I got from my awesome swap with Jackie from Candy Coated Tips.Voilà, a great combination- I bet it'll look as mesmerizing on toes too ;)

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