Mittwoch, 15. September 2010

NYC West Village and Finger Paints Sapphire Shimmer

Hey there :)

Today I've got two other swap goodies for you: NYC West Village and Finger Paints Sapphire Shimmer. SS is destined to be layered so I figured that WV would be a great partner for it. I used two coats of West Village and didn't had any problems with either the formula or the brush. This is acutally my first NYC polish and I'm really impressed :D
The color is a dark indigo with lighter blue shimmer. Tough it's more hidden and mostly only brought out when the sun directly shines on it or the camera light. (eek, please excuse my corpse-looking skin tone, bad, bad camera flash)
Now, layered with one coat of Sapphire Shimmer
And the sun decided to join too ;)

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