Samstag, 25. September 2010

Essence Studio Nails- Nail fashion Sticker in Unexpected

Hey there :)

*This post is going to be picture heavy post and the last picture will show my (stained) naked nails*

So today I'm going to show you Essence's new Nail Stickers. They are in their new peremanent display and I was eager to try them out because I wanted to see if they are a cheaper alternative to the ones from Incoco.

The package I chose from the two I bought was #14 called Unexpected. The pattern on the foil has an effect like a broken mirror (but not really a reflection- i.e. you can't see yourself in those foils).
I was afraid because I tend to have peeling nails so I painted a thin coat of basecoat on my nails and I was really relieved that I did, more on that later. I let the basecoat dry and then I began applying the foils.
After the removal, I had a sticky surface and it took a layer of bacecoat off nearby my cuticles, you'll see it in the very last picture (with my stained nails). Glad I applied the coat of basecoat.

Also I used a rubber-rosewoodstick/cuticle pusher to help applying it on the sides. In my opinion it helped with the application but I kept getting wrinkles on the side. The stickers weren't a 100% match for my nails width-wise and it was a bit hard to choose the right size (That may be my fault).
I pointed the wrinkles out in the a few pictures, but you may want to click on them to see more details.

My final verdict is, that these nail stickers are not really that great- maybe Essence should rework and see how they can improve them, otherwise I wouldn't recommend them if you have small nail beds and/or quite curvy nails.

I took them off after two days. They lifted on the free edge and it bugged me that my hair got stuck or it had a rougher surface. (again, you can see more details when you click on the pictures)

Warning: stained nails in the last picture (and the basecoat issue):

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