Montag, 13. September 2010

Yves Rocher Bleu Nuit gets a bit chunky with Claire's

Hey there :D

As you can see, I changed the Template. I was getting a bit sick of the old one so a new one was necessary. I hope you like it :)

Remember this post about my comparison of the teeny tiny Yves Rocher polishes? I've decanned one of the bottles because I simply can't handle the tiny brush and handle. Bleu Nuit is from an previous Christmas LE (from last year I think) and is incredibly pigmented. I was able got get nearly double of the original 3ml with lots and lots of thinner (I use this method of cleaning out bottles who are really pigmented so I don't waste any polish). I've also put some comparison pics of the brush at the end if you're intrested.

Anyhow, it's still incredibly pigmented even with all the thinner and a better bottle. I used one coat except my pointer, where I painted two to see how it'll look. The second coat gives it a really awesome depth.

See how it glows on my pointer?
I couldn't let it alone and decided to layer Claire's Chunky Blue over it and it was instant love :D

The sun decided to join this party too :D

Now onto the brush comparisons: I used a Orly brush to compare it to and it's twice at big as Yves Rochers one.
The Orly brush is 4 inches(8cm) long. I wonder if anyone can handle the YR one?

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