Mittwoch, 1. September 2010

Incoco Heart Breaker with Splashes

Hey there :)

Today's post is about Incocos Nail Polish strips. These strips have a base and topcoat in them and are really easy to work with. There are instructions in every package and a video on incoco's site :)
I recently got a package with Heart Breaker to try. The color is an almost-white with a hint of pink in it.
The application was really easy and I didn't had any problems with it. The only problem was, that I didn't file at an 90° angle and at some fingers it looked a bit like I've got tipwear.
I couldn't help myself to stamp over it because it looked a bit too plain for my taste so I dug out my Konad plates and stamped the splashes from M21 with Chanel Vendetta and the blue Konad Special Princess polish.
It stayed on pretty well too. I took it off after 4 days (I change my manicure after 2 or 3 days). 

(sorry for the error on the pointer)
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