Sonntag, 12. September 2010

Rimmel Night Before and some Glitter

Hey there :)

After seing EvilAngel's post about this polish, I had to dig it out of my stash to paint it on. It's a gorgeous purple with red shimmer. Sadly, this shade wasn't available (anymore?) here.
I used two coats and really like their brushes, wide, spreads out nicely. After painting it, it looked a bit too plain so I dug out another polish. I got it in an Asian Store which sold quite random things- from shoes to clothes, luggage cases, hair aceccories and make-up. They had quite a few shades but there were only two which appealed to me.
I've never tried them till now but they are most certainly not B3F. It was quite hard to work with the glitter polish because the formula was quite thick and it was hard to pick out the glitter.

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