Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

Happy Birthday vs. Circus Confetti

I've already shown you Happy Birthday in my last post. And when I spotted the new Essence display, I also bought one of their new Nail Art Special Effect Topper, which has multicolored hex-glitters in it. So here's a quick swatch on a nailwheel to compare these two:

Circus Confetti on the left, Happy Birthday on the right
Now, to the differences:
Circus Confetti
  • the brush of CC is wider and "thicker" which makes it a tad harder to apply because the hex-glitter gets caught between the brush bristles
  • formula-wise it's thicker than its (expensive) sibling
  • there's less glitter in CC and the little sized glitter is smaller and sparser than HB
  • "middle" sized hex glitter- there are few, sparse glitter which are neither as big as the big hex-glitter, nor as big as the small sized one
  • there is more magenta hex- glitter but less silver
Happy Birthday
  • there's more square-sized glitter
To be honest, I really like both but if you are in one of the many countries which carry Essence, I would probably pass on the Lippmann because it's 10 times the price (~2€ compared to 20€, that's how much the Lippmann cost here).