Montag, 21. März 2011

There's a Jungle in that Enchanted Forest

Who would've thought a local drug store would release such stunning green? b.pretty recently came out with a bunch of new shades for spring and Jungle is amongst them. One of my readers, Jenna asked if I could swatch a few of those so here they are :)
And here's a picture of the display (you can click on the picture)

Jungle has a vibe of Nars' Zulu but I sadly don't have that to compare it with. Altough from what I can compare from the swatches I've seen, it looks like Zulu is more of a jelly, is a bit darker and needs more coats to be opaque whereas Jungle is a dark emerald green but not too dark that it's black in low lightning.
Back to the polishes: Orly's Enchanted forest is- as the name implides- a forest green with a grey undertone that is only more visible in some lights/ direct sunlight.

I painted two coats each of both polishes and didn't had any problems with either of them.