Montag, 7. März 2011

The new Catrice display, an Essence LE and a blast from the past

I found the new Catrice display today and was really excited to see the new things they've released. They've re-arranged their whole display and to me it looks more well arranged than it was.

I heard that there were different versions of their polish called Run Forest Run!, so I found these two
Yeah, the two different versions of RFR!- on the left, the old version, the new one on the right. I get it that some batches might have very slight differences, but turning a dark green into a light green (which now looks a lot like Sold Out Forever now)
And while I was at the store who also has the bigger Essence display, I saw their new LE
I only got the blue/blurple polish and the lighter color changing lipgloss, the rest was kinda meh to me.
They also had part of the new nail-art-stickers

And lastly, here's a little blast from the past. While I was cleaning out my stash  for my blog sale (btw. there's still plenty left ;)) I found this:

These are the "silk" wraps before they've actually released the ones made out of fabric. The nail repair pads are made out of plastic and have a lot in common with clear labelling stickers. I'm not sure when exactly I got them, it was around 2006, but I'm not completly sure.
The instructions
I can still remember trying 3 or 4 of these and thinking that these were a complete waste of money because they are wrinkle-city and can be peeled off in a few hours after applying them.
And here's the actuall wraps- it's hard to photograph, but I think you get the idea.