Freitag, 4. März 2011

Omg, I've been featured

If you follow me on Twitter, you might've seen that I've been featured in an (local drugstore) magazine called BC Mag. I finally got my copy and can show it to you. The feature is about the seven Beauty-Blogs they enjoy reading. Well, their research might not be the best (i.e. they wrote that MacKarrie is from Germany but is a Viennese too- huh?), I'm still flattered that they mentioned my little blog. The other bloggers, mostly German/Austrian, who were also featured are: beauty addict, Chamy's Diary, Give the Bitch her Chocolate, Les Belles Affaires, Karla Sugar, MacKarrie and me.

Here's the whole page:

a closeup- (I'm wearing Cult Nails Living Water btw)
click on me to read me properly!
And my (loose) translation, for those of you who don't know german:

AUSTRIA The anonymous Viennese is addicted to nail polish and uses every bottle she could get her hands on. You can see the outcome in countless pictures. She bloggs since September 2009 in English.