Sonntag, 13. März 2011

Zoya Veruschka aka how a nail wrap can change the color

Veruschka is one of the polishes where I first thought "meh" when I saw swatches of it. But when I slowly began to be into greens, I was finally sold when I saw the swatches from Scrangie. I finally got my bottle from an sale at an internet forum and loved it from the moment I saw it in person.
Zoya Veruschka is a green matte polish, the finish is similar to OPI's Suede polishes. I mostly topcoat my matte polishes, I prefer it( the matte finish) only as an accent nail or some kind of pattern. Anyway, Veruschka was opaque with two coats and dried incredibly fast, like most matte polishes.

Here's a picture with a topcoat:

A few days later while I was on my way to a class I noticed a (quite big) difference on the nails where I had a silk/nail wrap (I'm sorry about the crappy picture quality, it was made while I was in the tram and didn't had a better opportunity to make a better one and I'm sorry about my pointer, I smudged it while it was drying and didn't want to repaint it).

(top to bottom: silk wrap(SW), no SW, SW, no SW)
I was really suprised to see how drastic the difference can be between the nails with or without a silkwrap. Did something similar happened to you too?

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