Donnerstag, 31. März 2011

Nfu.Oh 65 and Siw

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You might remember my little army of Nfu.Oh's I posted a few months back. I finally wore number 65 and am loving them more and more.
Make Up Store Siw is a light blue holo I got as an extra in a swap from a really sweet and generous swapper who lives in Sweden. Both the Nfu.Oh and Siw look really similar in the bottle so I decided to alternate the two. They are also apply practically the same over the Nfu.Oh Aqua Base (which I would strongly suggest if you want to keep your sanity while applying holographic polishes)

both are two coats with a coat of the Nfu.Oh Aqua Base
See a difference? I don't and if I haven't noted which finger I paitned with which polish, I wouldn't know it either.  Wanna know which finger I painted with which polish? Scroll down a bit :)