Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2009

NOTD: Rimmel Glam Goth+ some Stars

Hey there

I'm sorry I haven't posted a while because I've been awfully busy the last days and the rest of it just plain lazy to upload pics(and I was re-watching the two seasons of True Blood, I'm quite obsessed with this series which reminds me to get the book series- I only read the first one). Plus I just restored my computer because it was quite slow and I haven't install Photoshop yet so it might take some time till I can show you some "fresh"/more recent manicures.
So today's post is about Rimmel Glam Goth- it was realeased in an Le but I don't remember the name together with another lighter purple but I liked this better because I love deep, vampy purples.
Now to the polish itself: It reminds be a bit of Chanel's Vendetta, only a lighter version of it. I might be wrong but I think I'll do a comparison swatch when I have time. It is almost opaque in one coat but I did two just to be safe and I LOVE the brush. It's one of the soft, maxi brushes and it says "New maxi brush, mistake free application" I love maxi/pro wide brushes - they are the best in my oppinion. When I finished my manicure I thought it was a bit to simple so I added some stars with those stickers where you paint over with polish. I got mine from Claire's but they were made out paper and not plastik like from other brands. For the stars I used Color Club/Art Club nail polish in Hologram Glitter( which is awesome for a glittery french which I posted about here)
Long story short, here are the pictures (like all purples, my camera absorbs the red in the pics):

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