Dienstag, 10. August 2010

Nailene Nails Review

Hey there :)

So today I've got a review for you. I got a few Nailene Glue on Nails and some Nail stickers to review. There were two packages (for fingernails), one with nail art and one with a plain french mani. All sets of false nails came with a little two side file/buffer. The "So Natural" package even came with a little rosewood stick and nail glue inside the box. I found this tutorial/guide over at Deez Nails really helpful. even tough she used the paintable tips, it helped me a lot with the application and the removal.

First, the ones with nail art from their Nail Studio Line in Pretty
I really like them and the application was easy peasy. The flowers are amazing and I wouldn't know where to begin if I had to free-handpaint them. The brush they've included has a light pink tint and dried fairly quickly. Another thing I liked was this little thing which prevents dripping- this pic will show you what I mean:
 Now, the ones from their So Natural Line. Like the other ones, easy application, no problems at all.

Overall, I really like them, but the removal was the hardest. It took even longer than applying them- even with the scrubby-tub and lots and lots of acetone.

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